Chicken or the Egg?

There’s that age old question of what came first – the chicken or the egg?
My burning question however is what came first – the book or the marketing?

Here are the two books that prompted me to ask this question:

For me there’s a blurred line between memoirs and self help/inspirational books. Girl Wash Your Face is supposed to be a book about the journey to success, but reads like a memoir to me. I believe I read up to chapter nine, and I have up because it sounded like every other book on the NYT best seller list or Target shelves. She is obviously being very candid and honest but I wonder if she wrote the book that way originally, or if she wrote and the publisher or editors forced her to write another way? At some point she did mention the editors pushing her for something more risqué because no one would believe a young woman was a virgin in L.A. I WOULD HAVE FOUND THAT MORE INTERESTING AND BELIEVABLE! Why do we have to know every gory detail of people’s lives, like their sex lives? I appreciate the honesty but TMI!! This brings me to Haddish’s book.

I opted to listen to the audiobook version of The Last Black Unicorn I almost quit in the first chapter because her narration voice was TERRIBLE. She sounded like a frightened kid public speaking for the first time in front of the class – like she was reading word for word with no pause or inflection. I could not believe this public performer was this bad. But as the book went on, her real personality came out and she was VERY animated. Most of her content was pretty shocking but it was not like any other story I have heard. I think I am still in a state of shock about what she has been through, and while I cannot relate to most of it, it was worth listening to.

So I wonder – do celebrities/authors write their story and actually publish it the way it was meant to be or do these marketing people/editors/publishers wreck the original story and make it something they think will sell. So what am I really reading and how can I tell the difference? I want to read someone’s story as they feel it should be told, because if isn’t wholly theirs, than it isn’t a story to be told! As I get older, I don’t want to waste time on books that are not genuine or something I can learn from!


Please Explain Youtube To Me?

I am still learning about Youtube. What a phenomenon. Most the books at the library about Youtube have to do with marketing. SO it is hard for me to read about it. It is pretty diverse, isn’t it? I didn’t realize that even young children host Youtube channels. That is kind of weird and scary to me since they should be outside playing (sorry, I am an old lady). So what REALLY is the point of it? Aside from a time waster, learning tool and a way to cheer yourself up (dog videos anyone?) – what is the POINT? Is there a point? Is it entertainment or a learning tool? There are gazillions of people from computer geeks to stay-at-home moms who share their info and experiences with you. But are these primary resources? Fact? Opinion? I guess the librarian part of me wants to get down to the bottom of this! We are facts kind of people.A fact about it -IT CAN BE SO ADDICTIVE! Is this what we call an ANOMALY? What do you think?!

Home Decor Video

Here’s my video on home decor. I do enjoy looking at books & magazines about home decor from my local library. It is great way to get ideas without getting sucked into Pinterest. I certainly don’t fit into any of the categories in the books, but I guess I am somewhere between eclectic and book/photograph hoarder?!

I’ve been binge-watching the Youtube channel Do It On A Dime. She is REALLY into shopping at the Dollar Tree. I LOVE Dollar Tree but usually only go for the few “old faithfuls” like tin foil, Apple iPhone products, paper plates etc.  But she really has a knack at finding things that look quality! Well done!