Whoah!! Here is a blast from the past!! Pictured below is a piece of Lisa Frank stationary from the 1990s!! I called it vintage Lisa Frank on my social media post, which made me laugh. You know you are getting old when something from your childhood is considered vintage. Yikes!

Recently, a good friend spent an evening here. She brought over a small box full of old letters. It was mostly handwritten letters exchanged by friends during elementary and high school. This Lisa Frank item was included. It was an absolute riot reading through them. We didn’t have a care in the world and our problems were trivial at best (worst). Most of the letters were written on notebook paper ripped violently from spiral notebooks in the heat of the gossipy moment or teenage angst. So many were folded tightly in an almost origami like form. What a treasure these items are. But they are even more of a treasure today. Handwritten notes are so genuine! I think the letters I wrote then are much more well thought out and meaningful compared to the text messages and e-mails I send today. Before I saw these letters I tried to convince my friend to scan the bulk of them and throw them away, as she was complaining about her clutter. But now, If I were her, I would do that but definitely save some of the more precious ones. I thought it would be cool to press them open and put them on a table, then cover the table with glass, so she could always see read them.

Will handwritten notes ever make a comeback? Even if they did, would we ever take the time to write to each other? I feel as if we can compare this to squeezing the toothpaste out of the tube – once it is out, it is impossible to put it back in. I still write thank you notes and send birthday cards, but certainly not the caliber of yesteryear! Maybe I should start!



Day 3 of my writing goal:

One of my favorite songs is You’re My Home by Billy Joel. I especially love when he sings

“Well I never had a place
That I could call my very own
But that’s all right my love
‘Cause you’re my home.”

It’s funny how we call a house a home, but our souls are “at home” or at ease in other places. For some it is at the water’s edge, or at the top of a mountain. For me, I feel at home in a library. The older libraries with creaky floors, classic, old volumes and light streaming through windows are my favorite. How lucky are we have so many volumes in one building? There are years and years of  historical records and journals at our finger tips. We can read about how our ancestors lived or learn the secrets of becoming rich. We can read about failure. We can read about triumph of good over evil. The inspiration is endless. Rejoice!!

Pop of Color

I can tell this goal of mine, of writing a few lines for every photo, is going to be very hard or super annoying. But sometimes when we are pushed, we can produce some great results.

Leaves and humans have a lot in common, don’t they? Sure do. There are billions of leaves and billions of people in the world. Each leaf is unique and so are we. Leaves mature and fall off trees and disappear. Humans age and pass away. Every year, new leaves return. Every year, new babies are born. We can learn a lot about ourselves from nature.


Day 2 of writing a story (fiction) to accompany my photographs:

I have a certain affinity for lines. Lines have a purpose. They run parallel, create angles and always have a purpose. I like that they come to a point. For years my line ran parallel to love, as most of us do. We believe the lines will never cross and we will never have the opportunity. As much as we try to elbow our way out of the path of our line, we are stuck. Mathematics tells us parallel lines will never meet. Love defies parallel lines. We were parallel lines for a long time, him and me. For years we travelled our paths, our line, day by day. But for some unknown reason, some magical reason, a force that math will never explain, our parallel lines crossed….


All for now… Hmmmm….. Wonder if I should keep this one going. A little choppy and sloppy but it was just a brain dump! – IBG

Fall Walks…

Ok, here is is, day 1 of my goal of posting text with my photos.

Walking the dog on Fall days can be a total distraction. I love all the colors!! Also, I have to keep an eye on my dog because she is always sniffing under the leaves to find food!

I noticed this piece of bark on the ground today. I am unsure of the tree this bark comes from, but I really love the way it curls. Did someone pull it off or did it come off this way?

Ok, maybe this photo wasn’t the best inspiration for writing. But at least I am writing!

Writing Goals

I am lucky to have a job where my co-workers are creative types. Really helps get me inspired. They are also super productive and organized (qualities of librarians of course)! They are constantly discussing or planning ideas and events. One of those events, is a weekly NaNoWriMo writing session! Maybe this could help me finally finish that book I have always wanted to write.

I will admit, I have toned down my notebook and stationary addiction (sorry U.S. economy). But I still have one notebook full of scribbles, stories and some totally illegible ideas that I jotted down quickly to get them out of this crazy brain of mine. I think it is time to tend to that.

I am not the girl who could write a novel. Too long, too detailed and too much work. I decided one day, long ago, to use my photographs to write short stories. I have a very sloppy notebook, (aforementioned), with a small print taped to the left page and a story on the right. It makes writing fun.

Thinking about this blog, NaNoWriMo, writing in general etc., I thought I might set an easy goal for myself. I recently wrote about my blog being more about photos and less about writing. My goal is to write at least 3 lines to accompany any photo I post on the blog. It can’t be about the location of the photo or anything obvious. Hopefully this will get the creative juices flowing!

Let’s see how I do!!


What Blog?

Life gets pretty hectic, right? On the main page of this website I have a nice graphic that says READ MY BLOG!! Well as I am scrolling through my blog I see only photos with brief headlines or sentences!! I must write more!! NaNoWriMo is coming up real soon. And, I am super excited that my library is offering a dedicated time slot for writing. We know that nothing creative ever gets done at home!! When I go, I might just do some blogging or at least think of something to write about! Perhaps I will dust off my old notebook with the pretty floral cover, which is full of unfinished stories based on my photography? Ugh, so many creative projects and not enough hours in the day!

I recently attended a brand therapy event at my library hosted by Rachel Dunham.  She was really great. Since I have officially retired from wedding photography, I have really been wondering what to do with my art and all things inspiration. Can I channel it into a new business? I really don’t want to sell my photography since the market is so saturated. Where’s my niche? Is it a book? A journal to inspire others? I kind of like that idea! But where to even begin?!?!

If anything, ’tis the season to figure it out as the daylight is shorter and the temperatures are colder.  I am already thinking about 2020, resolutions and being more productive. 2019 was not my year but I have high hopes for the next one!

Until then….

-Inspired Bald Girl



Can’t Forget the Past….


I was up early this morning (not by choice), so I took the time to watch the news. The big feature was of course, the impending hurricane. Seems like we might be getting a touch of the rain and maybe the wind. Sometimes the wind triggers me to think about my early days with Alopecia. I remember how absolutely miserable I was when I wore a wig. The anxiety was intense and oppressive in general, but especially when the weather report called for wind. I remember how much I hated the wind – any wind – that would potentially mess up (or blow off) my wig. The wind represented a loss of control for me and it was the enemy.

Now though, the wind is my friend. It is a sense of freedom for more than one reason. Firstly, because I don’t have to worry about my wig flying off. Secondly, it is a reminder to me of freedom. Freedom to be anxiety free, freedom to just go out into the world and not be afraid or feel confined. I love to feel the wind dance across my skin. It is almost like a private conversation in public.

I took the photo in the graphic above during college. It is a strange photo. It was not intentionally made dark but just happened to turn out that way. Ah, the magic of photography. The subject matter is one of my wig on a styrofoam head, showing the out of control hairs due to static electricity. It always reminds me of the wind and movement. It also reminds me of darkness and uncertainty. The photo always freaked me out, but now it doesn’t. I use it as a learning tool.

So there it is. We must learn from our past and never forget it because it truly defines who we are. And sometimes that is hard because who in the heck wants to relive the nasty or uncomfortable times in our lives? Perhaps this is one of the many definitions of maturity? Might you agree?