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I Just Love These!

I absolutely enjoy these 52 Lists books! I think I saw the first one at TJMaxx or Michaels. The prompts are helpful and I like that it isn’t daily. I try to write everyday, but that isn’t always an option. I will put these away and take them out someday and reflect on the person I was and what I was thinking at the time!

Mindful Monday

Monday is my only good weekday. I’m always pumped to start off the week on the right foot. I’m up early to exercise, walk the dog and make a decent breakfast. But, I don’t seem to get any writing in! Writing seems to happen only during NaNoWriMo and that isn’t good!! But it’s really got me thinking about scheduling time to write. That’s why I am glad I have this blog. I can just write up a blurb or use a prompt like Top Five Tuesday to get a little writing in, even though I don’t consider it legit, because it is from brain to computer and not brain to pen and paper. 

I’m at Starbucks right now. I have a doctor’s appointment out of town, so I thought I’d leave extra early so I can sit, write and enjoy a coffee.  I look like a Millennial right now. I feel like a real writer though – whatever that is.

Nowadays, so many people write. Remember before the Internet, people had to fight their way to getting published in publications? Now anyone can create a blog and instantly publish whatever they want and can be found by anyone in the world, not just a newspaper audience. Whoah! Some people are even lucky enough to get famous this way by getting an Internet following. My, how times have changed. 

I wonder though, if the quality of content has gone down the toilet since everyone is writing whatever they want without critiques of professional peers. I know my writing has since the advent of autocorrect. I have been told if you are a good reader you will be a good writer. I hope that is true because I try to read a lot!  

Part of me wants to blame smartphone use for the demise or decline of writing. Emails, texts, etc. are so informal! I remember the days when I used to know how to address and compose a professional letter. Now, I use a template in Google Docs. 

Well, as usual, I digress, as I quite often do. You know about us creative types….




Addiction Is…

Aw, rats. Ok. Ok. I know I said I would stop buying books. But it was a library book sale and obviously libraries need money and who am I not to help?! Here is a picture of the books I hauled home. I also scored some records, but neglected to snap photos. I was super excited for, what I will call, a vintage R.L. Stine book. Also, super excited about The Indian in the Cupboard. I find the more I go shopping at book sales the more 90s books I bring home! I am getting super nostalgic as I get older. As I walked around with the book about the singers of the 70s, the clerk suggested a book about MTV, which I promptly wrote down on my to-read list. Was excited to learn about that title! Until the next time….

I can tell this goal of mine, of writing a few lines for every photo, is going to be very hard or super annoying. But sometimes when we are pushed, we can produce some great results.

Leaves and humans have a lot in common, don’t they? Sure do. There are billions of leaves and billions of people in the world. Each leaf is unique and so are we. Leaves mature and fall off trees and disappear. Humans age and pass away. Every year, new leaves return. Every year, new babies are born. We can learn a lot about ourselves from nature.