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Adults Versus Children

I just finished reading Sarah Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan. It is a very plain book, indeed. But something written in the book struck me. It is Sarah’s view of winter.

“We can draw sparkling pictures and we can see our breath in the air. Papa builds a warm fire, and we bake hot biscuits and put on hundreds of sweaters.”

I miss seeing winter (or anything) that way. It is all shoveling and black ice to me now.

Top Five Tuesday – New England

Reasons I Love New England

  1. Having four seasons

    I cannot imagine a place that doesn’t have four seasons. I like to be hot, cool, cold and warm. Maybe that is because I am a glutton for punishment, like the rest of the New England population. It is refreshing and always feels like a new start, regardless of the temperature. After a long winter, you learn to appreciate the colors and blooms in Spring!

  2. Fall foliage

    Is there anything more beautiful that fall foliage? The intense colors are amazing. LOVE IT! I actually drive hours to New Hampshire to look at leaves. Seriously.

  3. Summer on or at the water

    There is nothing better than jumping into the ocean on a super hot day. I also love the feeling of sand between my toes. You can’t beat the breeze off the water while having dinner on the deck!

  4. First snow

    First snow is refreshing. You can almost smell it in the air. I feel like it kills the germs and wipe away the dirt!

  5. First signs of Spring after a long winter

    I love the first snow but I hate the rest! Winter can seem really long, especially if we have a lot of power outages. The first signs of Spring – flowers blooming, colors and warm temperatures are so wonderful and are a renewal.

Being Social

I am going to be social today. But it involves FOOD, so it is going to be easy. A friend invited me to a soup swap! I made these cute labels in Canva! Hope the soup is good! Found the recipe HERE. I just placed a hold on her two cookbooks through the library! Hope to find some good recipes!


A Little Secret

I feel like I shouldn’t even tell any of you this. Libraries OFFER FREE CRAFT CLASSES. I made this awesome winter scene vase this week at my local library. Everything was supplied for me. I just had to assemble it. Seriously. I would have NEVER, EVER been able to make this on my own!

Also, just a side note – please notice the New Year’s 2000 table cloth. The reason libraries can offer these classes is because librarians are hoarders and try not to spend money on anything else (a.k.a reuse old stuff forever) all in the name of YOU and ME! Thanks libraries!