Top Five Tuesday – My Record Player

Reasons I Love My Record Player

  1. Oh that crackling sound 

    After a while, perfect, digital music means nothing to me! Love that old crackle sound of the record player. It makes music real to me. I also know I own that music. The record is tangible and doesn’t stop playing when my phone battery dies. 

  2. Lifting the needle and placing it on the recordOh my goodness. Love dropping the needle in just the right spot. Trying to figure out the line of the next track is fun!
  3. The hypnotic spinning of the recordI don’t know why, but I get lost in a spinning record! Sometimes I try and read the song titles while it spins. Crazy girl!
  4. Picking the next record

    Oh so many records to choose from. I look at all those records my husband and I hunted down at estate sales or Salvation Army!  I hate advancing a button on my phone to find a song. I don’t get to see the album tracks or any special information like special notes from the artist!

  5. Having to get up off the couch to flip the record

    You’d think it might be annoying, but it is much better than that ongoing digital music. The process makes me slow down and appreciate the music more.

Top Five Tuesday – Old Versus New

Old Versus New

  1. Records/Cassettes  and Streaming Music 

    Sure streaming is convenient but it has sucked the fun out of music.I have lost the excitement of catching my favorite song on the radio. Remember how gratifying life was when you have to wait for your favorite song after three commercials?! I miss the sounds of records and cassettes. Part of me also misses manually flipping a record or reloading a cassette. Makes me more mindful of music than just letting a phone constantly play track after track while I tune in and out.

  2. Handwriting and Computers

    Yes, the convenience of typing is so wonderful but means nothing to me. It takes very little effort to get the information from your brain to the computer. Writing makes you think, pause, reflect etc. If I am going to commit something to a piece of paper it has to be good! That delete button has erased far too many good ideas. And there is something about the flow from brain to hand to paper that is romantic to me.

  3. Radio and Digital Music 

    Having everything at one’s fingertips sounds like heaven but it really isn’t. I so miss the days of the DJ telling me to stay tuned after the commercial for that song I really wanted to hear. As I said above, there is something so gratifying about being made to wait for your reward. Also, I kind of miss being able to call into the radio to make a request!

  4. Streaming Movies and Movie Theaters

    I will be the first one to say that I don’t get to the movie theater as often as I did when I was younger. It is incredibly expensive and it is hard for me to find a film I really want to watch on the big screen. With the advent of streaming, it seems like no one wants to leave home because they have a world of movies at their finger tips. But I find that having so many options just exhausts me.  I spend most of my time scrolling through options and just adding them to my queue rather than watching something. I do miss seeing movies on the big screen – the dramatic music, the bright colors, the suspense. I can’t really get that feeling at home with constant interruptions. But on the other hand, it is nice to be home, under a blanket with my husband and dog. I can’t decide on this one!

  5. Pencil and Pen 

    Ok, so this isn’t totally a old/new thing since pens have been around for a while. I have so many colored pens that are so much fun, but there is just something romantic about pencil. I so miss using pencil! I especially miss sharpening pencils!!! A few years ago, my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I asked for an old-fashioned, metal pencil sharpener. You know, the kind that you bolt to the wall. He bought one and I LOVE IT! I just have to remember to empty the container of shavings!


Whoah!! Here is a blast from the past!! Pictured below is a piece of Lisa Frank stationary from the 1990s!! I called it vintage Lisa Frank on my social media post, which made me laugh. You know you are getting old when something from your childhood is considered vintage. Yikes!

Recently, a good friend spent an evening here. She brought over a small box full of old letters. It was mostly handwritten letters exchanged by friends during elementary and high school. This Lisa Frank item was included. It was an absolute riot reading through them. We didn’t have a care in the world and our problems were trivial at best (worst). Most of the letters were written on notebook paper ripped violently from spiral notebooks in the heat of the gossipy moment or teenage angst. So many were folded tightly in an almost origami like form. What a treasure these items are. But they are even more of a treasure today. Handwritten notes are so genuine! I think the letters I wrote then are much more well thought out and meaningful compared to the text messages and e-mails I send today. Before I saw these letters I tried to convince my friend to scan the bulk of them and throw them away, as she was complaining about her clutter. But now, If I were her, I would do that but definitely save some of the more precious ones. I thought it would be cool to press them open and put them on a table, then cover the table with glass, so she could always see read them.

Will handwritten notes ever make a comeback? Even if they did, would we ever take the time to write to each other? I feel as if we can compare this to squeezing the toothpaste out of the tube – once it is out, it is impossible to put it back in. I still write thank you notes and send birthday cards, but certainly not the caliber of yesteryear! Maybe I should start!