Christmas Crisis – Averted.

I am posting this for anyone out there who might find themselves in the same situation as me! Although most times I feel like these things only happen to me.

We set up and decorated the tree last night. We hit the sack early and at some point in the middle of the night we hear a noise come from the living room. The noise was real faint and sounded like perhaps one ornament fell off the tree. Surely nothing to rise out of bed for, right? WRONG!

We dilly dallied in bed this morning because we finally have the day to do so. When I finally left the bedroom, I walked into the living room to find this:

Bummer, right? No big deal. Right? Sure. Except…. the water spilled out of the stand and soaked our Christmas Tree skirt. The skirt is made out of my late grandmother’s old wedding dress. It is one of my most favorite Christmas possessions. I was only semi-distraught by the fact that it was drenched. However, I was super upset when I saw some of the wrapping paper colors bled right through the wet skirt.

Well, enter MOM. Always call your mom. I don’t care how old you are – CALL YOUR MOM. She instructed us to use towels or rags to absorb all the water and give the cleaners a call on Monday. In the meantime, what could we do about the stain? Luckily, she remembered we have a few scraps left, so if the stain remained she could swap out or cover the stain. I took a chance and sprayed the stain with OxiClean. After a few minutes, we took a dry rag and pressed it into the stain until the reg absorbed it all. Ta-da!! The stain is gone! (We still have a little ironing to do, but that is a breeze!)

Weekends Are For Antiques

Today we drove to Taunton, Massachusetts to check out an antique store one of friends told us about. The place was so huge we got lost twice! We’ve decided to visit another time because one cannot possibly see it all in one day! Our original plan was to check out the vinyl records, but we were so distracted by all the neat stuff!

Mom & I would visit antique stores when I was a child and I just loved it. I realize this is odd, but I AM ODD! It has taken me a while to figure out what my obsession is with antique stores is really all about. I have to admit, I don’t buy & collect antiques. I suppose most people antique for the money, right? For me though, antique stores are a way for me to remember the way we were. Corny, but true. I need something classic in my hectic, intangible, digitized life!! There is something so solid and sure about wood furniture and manual cameras!

I encourage you to visit antique stores. It made for great conversation between me and my husband! At some points during the visit we really had to use our brains (NO GOOGLING) to remember how some devices or items were used at the time. Please enjoy some of the photos below.

A whole room of records!
What a gem.




VINTAGE!! Remember when clothing was MODEST?!
It ALWAYS lies….
Doesn’t fit in my pocket like a smartphone but still pretty cool.
Love vintage books.
We still cannot figure out what kind of medical equipment this is!
Oh vintage Mickey!