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Staycation – Part I

Drove and walked around Portsmouth, New Hampshire this weekend. Would have preferred our weekend stay in Lincoln, NH, where all the best foliage is. Alas, we did not want to take any chances. We saw some very interesting places along our walk.

We packed a lunch to avoid eating in a restaurant and stopped only in a few stores. The weather was too perfect to be indoors anyway.

I ADORE Gus & Ruby and am SO glad there is not a shop near me. I would be broke.

What a strange, yet lovely getaway

Literary Travel Bucket List

Well, since I am stuck at home, I thought it wise to gather my thoughts and write them down, so I have something to look forward to. I would like to take time to visit more author houses; a literary bucket list, if you will. I posted this on my social media, hoping for some suggestions!