Top Five Tuesday – New England

Reasons I Love New England

  1. Having four seasons

    I cannot imagine a place that doesn’t have four seasons. I like to be hot, cool, cold and warm. Maybe that is because I am a glutton for punishment, like the rest of the New England population. It is refreshing and always feels like a new start, regardless of the temperature. After a long winter, you learn to appreciate the colors and blooms in Spring!

  2. Fall foliage

    Is there anything more beautiful that fall foliage? The intense colors are amazing. LOVE IT! I actually drive hours to New Hampshire to look at leaves. Seriously.

  3. Summer on or at the water

    There is nothing better than jumping into the ocean on a super hot day. I also love the feeling of sand between my toes. You can’t beat the breeze off the water while having dinner on the deck!

  4. First snow

    First snow is refreshing. You can almost smell it in the air. I feel like it kills the germs and wipe away the dirt!

  5. First signs of Spring after a long winter

    I love the first snow but I hate the rest! Winter can seem really long, especially if we have a lot of power outages. The first signs of Spring – flowers blooming, colors and warm temperatures are so wonderful and are a renewal.

Top Five Tuesday – Classic Hollywood Performers

1. Julie Andrews

Perfection. No explanation needed.

2. Cary Grant

That face, that hair, that voice!!! So dashing and debonair. There are very few actors I am so interested in to have watched so many of his movies and he is one!! I may not be anywhere near watching ALL the films he starred in, but I must be close!

3. Gene Kelly

 He is just one of those actors who ooze joy no matter what role he plays. Oh and of course, he’s a fabulous dancer! One of my go-to movies to watch when I am sick is Singing in the Rain. He aways makes me laugh.

4. Jimmy Stewart

 Of course I love him in It’s A Wonderful Life but I also enjoyed watching him in Hitchcock films as well. I wasn’t sure I would like him as any other character than George Bailey. Grant always played the cool cat but Stewart never struck me as that kind of swoon-worthyworthy actor. But he is great!

Marilyn Monroe

Sure, she always played a sex kitten but I think she is a lot smarter than everyone gives her credit for!!  She had a lot of pizazz and personality. Love that look!

Top Five Tuesday – Old Versus New

Old Versus New

  1. Records/Cassettes  and Streaming Music 

    Sure streaming is convenient but it has sucked the fun out of music.I have lost the excitement of catching my favorite song on the radio. Remember how gratifying life was when you have to wait for your favorite song after three commercials?! I miss the sounds of records and cassettes. Part of me also misses manually flipping a record or reloading a cassette. Makes me more mindful of music than just letting a phone constantly play track after track while I tune in and out.

  2. Handwriting and Computers

    Yes, the convenience of typing is so wonderful but means nothing to me. It takes very little effort to get the information from your brain to the computer. Writing makes you think, pause, reflect etc. If I am going to commit something to a piece of paper it has to be good! That delete button has erased far too many good ideas. And there is something about the flow from brain to hand to paper that is romantic to me.

  3. Radio and Digital Music 

    Having everything at one’s fingertips sounds like heaven but it really isn’t. I so miss the days of the DJ telling me to stay tuned after the commercial for that song I really wanted to hear. As I said above, there is something so gratifying about being made to wait for your reward. Also, I kind of miss being able to call into the radio to make a request!

  4. Streaming Movies and Movie Theaters

    I will be the first one to say that I don’t get to the movie theater as often as I did when I was younger. It is incredibly expensive and it is hard for me to find a film I really want to watch on the big screen. With the advent of streaming, it seems like no one wants to leave home because they have a world of movies at their finger tips. But I find that having so many options just exhausts me.  I spend most of my time scrolling through options and just adding them to my queue rather than watching something. I do miss seeing movies on the big screen – the dramatic music, the bright colors, the suspense. I can’t really get that feeling at home with constant interruptions. But on the other hand, it is nice to be home, under a blanket with my husband and dog. I can’t decide on this one!

  5. Pencil and Pen 

    Ok, so this isn’t totally a old/new thing since pens have been around for a while. I have so many colored pens that are so much fun, but there is just something romantic about pencil. I so miss using pencil! I especially miss sharpening pencils!!! A few years ago, my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I asked for an old-fashioned, metal pencil sharpener. You know, the kind that you bolt to the wall. He bought one and I LOVE IT! I just have to remember to empty the container of shavings!

Top Five Tuesday – Best Things About Christmas

Best Things About Christmas

  1. Everyone is nice to each other (for a minute) – With the exception of those folks who are totally stressed out by the holidays (you’re doing it wrong), I love how nice we all are to each other around Christmas. Normally we charge around, thinking only of ourselves, yelling at each other in traffic or on Facebook. How refreshing!

  2. We are actually thinking about others -We love to surprise others with the perfect gift. We spend the time thinking about the ones we love and what they would enjoy unwrapping Christmas morning. Fun!

  3. It is ok to eat whatever you want Ok so all nutritionists and fitness trainers are saying hell no to this right now. But what other time of year would I ever have access to this kind of food (because I totally eat healthy all year long)?! Some sarcasm there…
  4. Spending time with familyThere is never enough time to see family. It is unfair. But Christmas is a great excuse to spend time together. I love an excuse to get together!!!
  5. Decorations, movies and music – I LOVE it when we empty the attic of all the Christmas bins and start to unpack all the goodies. It is like this magical flood of excitement and nostalgia. Whether it is a piece you purchased at TJMaxx last year or that dorky ornament you made in the 1st grade, it all means something special. And of course, I love planning my movie viewing line up and playing Christmas records! YIPEE!!


Merry Christmas to you and yours!
-Inspired Bald Girl

Top Five Tuesday – My Favorite Photographers

My Favorite Photographers

    1. Annie Leibovitz – She is the only photographer who has a style that I recognize immediately. It takes a lot to stand out as a photographer. It isn’t like other media where the stroke of your hand makes a signature line that is unique to you!  
    2. Sally Mann – I always liked her portraits but didn’t really fall in love with her until I read her memoir Hold Still. WOW. I highly recommend the book. 
    3. Bill Cunningham – Ok, so I maybe hoped and prayed everytime I went to New York City that Bill Cunningham would drive by me on his bicycle and capture my photo. A girl can dream. Always enjoyed seeing his photographs in the New York Times. I recommend the documentary about him called Bill Cunningham New York. You will fall in love with him. 
    4. Diane Arbus – I remember seeing her photographs in a library book in college and being blown away. What in the world was I looking it? She is like no other. 
    5. Cindy Sherman – Thank you Cindy Sherman for getting me started in my college photography class. I really enjoyed her self portrait film stills. Self portraits were my way out of Alopecia hell. I tip my hat to you Cindy!