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Quarantine Tips

I am trying to practice what I preach! I am trying to keep the same sleep schedule. Wearing yoga pants on workdays does not help get me motivated to work. I don’t suggest it! I am losing track of work days, so I start each day looking at the calendar. Because I am not at work, I am not as aware of the time. I am using my iPhone timer to schedule lunch and meetings. Also I set the timer for 5:00 pm so I don’t work through dinner! I’ve been waiting until my husband gets home so we can walk the dog together but that means I am skipping my morning walk and exercise!  Also, trying to text or call family and friends!

I am missing out on my morning workout because I am glued to the television. I am watching way too much news! I do want to stay informed but I need to stop watching so much. I am having trouble getting to bed on time or during a reasonable hour. We are usually in bed at 10:00 pm. I am not getting to sleep until midnight these days. That makes it hard to get up at 6:00 am. Weekends are a problem. We have no routine. We have no plans because we normally go out on the weekends and now we are not allowed. So now we sink into the couch and watch Youtube, browse the web or read. We will walk the dog a time or two then settle in for the night and watch a movie. Ack!