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Throwback Thursday

Here is a throwback to an older post by me that I like:

March 2017

My mother has always lead by example, whether she realizes it or not.  One of those shining examples is the fact that she has the ability to stay in tune with her youth.  As I get older, I realize I need that ability.  I might have the idea, but rarely act upon it.

I was at Target this weekend and came across this tipi. The kid inside of me was REALLY excited. I had to fight the temptation of getting in the tipi.  I walked away and headed to the registers thinking about my childhood. This made me think about forts. Ever build a fort when you were a kid? If you have  a parent who doesn’t like the furniture rearranged, they probably weren’t a fan. I’d drag chairs and take all the blankets I could find and built the best fort I could. It was so much fun!

Adults are just so serious. We’re so caught up in life, I think we forget to have fun. And I don’t mean adult fun, but KID fun. Sometimes I am tempted to build a fort. My husband is always willing to help, as he’s mentioned a few times before. Today is snow day. Maybe today will be the day….

Top Five Tuesday – Stores That Scare Me

Stores That Scare Me

  1. At Home – IT IS ALL TOO MUCH!!! I cannot even buy anything because I am so overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of items. They can never be the store where I say “Oh At Home has that, I can run right in….” I mean the variety is great but holy smokes it is all too much for me! 
  2. Ulta – Oh ladies, please wear less makeup. I realize you have to sell the products, but for those of us who barely wear makeup, or want to try, we are scared of it ALL! And how many products ARE there?! WOWSA. I thought there were lots of makeup counters at Macys but this is just overwhelming. 
  3. Kohl’s – I want to like Kohl’s, I DO! Especially since they carry Lauren Conrad and I am a fan from afar. Afar, because I don’t want to admit I loved that show she was on. 
  4. Target – I LOVE Target. I am scared because I love it TOO much!!!!!! NO fair. Books,  films, JoAnna Gaines’ stuff, cute home stuff. AAAAH 
  5. TJMaxx – Same as Target. SIGH!!!