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April Bullet Journal Calendar Continues…

I watch bullet journal videos on Youtube a lot; probably too often. Many of the artists draw and use habit trackers. I am not sure I am this particular, but I am going to give it a shot! Who knows, maybe it will help?!

Bullet journaling….sort of…

A few years ago, I purchased my very first Happy Planner. I have been pretty pleased so far, because I can make my covers and inserts if I want, or, I can just buy new inserts, or a brand new planner every year. HP sells a lot of notepapers, one kind, is this dot grid paper, mostly used for bullet journaling.

I have been tempted to buy and make my bullet journal calendar instead. It is a lot of work though! I often watch YouTube channels on the topic. It can be very hypnotic, watching these people design their own, elaborate calendars. I almost believe I can do it too!

I thought about it and decided I would try January 2021 on the HP paper and see how much work it really is. IT IS A LOT OF WORK! This is only the month in advance spread! The weekly (not pictured) was a lot of work too, mostly because I decided to use Midliner pens for colors and habit trackers for fitness and finance. Bullet journaling requires lots of precision and measuring, and I normally do not have the patience. I cannot imagine doing this for 11 more months. However, if I find myself in another lockdown, I may give it a shot!

Most bullet journal artists draw or sketch photos on or around the calendar. I just don’t have the patience! For now, though, I am pretty pleased with this calendar, with teal stickers on top.

We shall see what happens next!

Media & Stationary Cart

I don’t really have an office, unless you count the old table in the attic. But sitting in the attic, on a hot summer day, is not fun. So, I purchased this rolling cart from Michael’s. I love the purple color. The top tier has a bamboo stand, that acts as a charging station for all my devices (currently hidden by this cute camera box).

Second tier has all my journals, notebooks, Happy Planners and a container full of paper clips and elastics. I usually store my pencil case here, but I notice that it is missing. Must be in the living room!

The bottom tier has my cameras (digital and polaroid) along with all the accessories, tucked away in the fabric bags. The bags are actually book sleeves, but are handy for holding things!

I like that I can roll the cart into the kitchen if I want to work at the big table. Or I just pull it next to the couch! Very handy purchase for $29.99!

Planning Continues

Loving this dotted journal paper for my Happy Planner. I will be disappointed when I run out!

Since we have been stuck home, I have had the time to make lots of lists. This list is televisions shows my husband and I would like to watch. I am sure you can tell which are his and which are mine!


Ok, folks, being at home all the time is terribly, right? We all whine about having nothing to do. But now is the time to do all the projects you never really have time to do. One of those is setting goals and thinking about dreams. It is very practical, useful and might help lift your spirits.

My husband and I are hoping to visit Hawaii for our ten year vow renewal. We are putting pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in a jar and hope to fill our savings with just enough money to stay for a week.

Today, I added a page to my Happy Planner with our trip ideas, so far. I love these stickers! It is like they were made for this page.

It’s Time To Get Things in Writing!

I added a few extra pages to my planner, under the reading section. I always think I must try to read this author. Then, it slips my mind. Quite often, patrons at the library will say oh you would love this author. I always want to read a book by the author to see if the patron is right, and, how well they think they know me. Here is the beginning of the list!