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Tools of the Trade

I recently purchased a rolling cart for my writing supplies. Since signing up for a writing workshop, I have been thinking about keeping all my supplies nearby, so I have no excuse but to write! Here are the tools of the trade. An old Starbucks mug filled with pens, a Vera Bradley case with more pens.  I could not part with the Frida tin which held some makeup brushes. All my clips are in there. And in the floral notebook are all my stories. Some are incomplete, some are finished. I often neglect the notebook. I should try and track it open everyday! But the inspiration isn’t always flowing!

Saving Money

This is also from an older post on this blog. Trying to get inspired about saving money before the holiday madness begins!

If I have to read one more article about broke Millennials I might just lose my mind. We are not all broke, irresponsible consumers. I am not. Then again, I do make one too many visits to Michael’s & Hobby Lobby. BUT nothing says I have to buy anything when I go in. This has prompted me to make a list of ways I save money.

This may be good news or bad news, but your foundation pretty much shapes most of your spending habits as an adult. Luckily I had those parents who didn’t like to spend money. If any of the following ring a bell with you, then you have parents just like mine:We can’t have that this week, it isn’t on sale.I can sew the same kind of shirt at home for less, and besides, it will be out of style soon anyway.

The generic brand tastes the same.

Do you WANT that or do you NEED that?

They all ring true but the last one especially I think is what is wrong with those “broke Millennials.” Do you really need a home delivery service with pre-prepped meals or do are you just too  lazy to make a shopping list? Really, though. I am embarrassed for anyone who does that. “I am so busy.” If you spent less time on Facebook you would realize you have the time to drive to the market for food.

I visit retail stores a lot but I don’t spend a lot of money there. Know why? I am a thief. Whoah hold on –  I am not a real criminal! I am stealing inspiration for ideas. Between my husband and I we can build, sand, paint, and deconstruct/reconstruct almost anything. Why should I pay $50 for a trendy wood sign at the store when I can make it at home cheaper? Not to mention, if I make it here, it is unique because, well it is mine and it is one of a kind. Before I buy I ask myself can I make this at home with the tools I already have at a better price. Now I also consider time in this equation. If a project will take me hours upon hours then forget it, I will just buy it (with a coupon or on sale of course).

What the….? In case you were wondering, that stands for
Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without.
What’s that mean, really? Use up what you have until you absolutely have none left. Once it is gone, can you use something else you already have in its place? Otherwise, can you make do without it at all? I admit, there are times when I haven’t finished last season’s body wash and I am ready to dash to the store for this season’s scent. But alas, I will finish what I have! *SIGH*

    Do I need to explain this? We spend $50-80 a week on groceries for breakfast, lunch and dinners. As a couple, if we had lunch out everyday (say, $20 per visit) we would spend $100.00 a week just on lunch. That is twice as much as I spent on the ingredients to make everything from scratch. I cringe at the thought.

The struggle is SO real for me. That is not a cliche. That foamy hot cocoa from Starbucks is heavenly. Not to mention the cake pops and the bacon gouda sandwiches are delightful and addictive. People – STARBUCKS IS EXPENSIVE. I love the
staff, the mobile order-ahead app and the atmosphere but a hot cocoa and bacon gouda sandwich cost $7.49. That breakfast sandwich is good but it is tiny and doesn’t last long enough for the price they charge.