Top Five Tuesday

SO fresh! Shame shame. Well, you started it! This TFT follows me earlier post about a world without smartphones. Social media and smartphones have made us monsters. Our behavior is atrocious and it looks like there is no going back. SO below are my TFT followed up my some positive thoughts because I can’t just post something negative and leave it that way!!

  1. Stop taking and posting selfies. It is so vane! You present a a close-minded view of yourself to the world. Let someone else take your photo. And don’t pose! Just stand there and act the way you feel in the moment. When we look back at your photos years from now, we will know you are real!
  2. Stop fighting with people under a Facebook post. It is uncool and you are pretty much acting like a bully. A bully is still a bully whether you’re pointing a finger at someone face to face or commenting online. Next time you see a thread full of nasty comments, toss in something positive or remind people that negativity isn’t good for anyone. Or try and bring everyone together. Remind them they are lucky to have the right to voice their opinions so therefore they should make them worthy or people’s respect!
  3. Stop interrupting and listen to each other. I was watching a few Youtube videos the other day where folks were collaborating or discussing issues and I noticed that no one listens! One person is trying to tell their side and the other person interjects with their own opinion! Well isn’t that terrible? You know what is nice about listening – you might learn something. Then when you learn something you might be able to form your own thoughts and ideas! WOW!
  4. Stop sharing your entire life on YoutubeDon’t get me wrong, I love watching home makeover movies or tips on finances but whoah!! Keep something private. There is a professional couple on Youtube who show spreadsheets of their person finances to the world in order to inspire others to be financially smart. At first I hoped they just made up numbers as an example, but they actually shared their real salaries, mortgage payments etc. WHOAH!! This cannot be good. My income is so personal. I don’t want someone to label me as rich or poor. I want my information to be mine, especially in the age of hacking!
  5. Put your phone down. Just put it down. Turn it off. You are missing out on the world!!! Leave it at home if you can. Go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Look around. The world is a beautiful place and you are missing out by scrolling through social media.On that note – I am on my way out to take a walk!

Perhaps you are too young to remember this. Remember the days where you would write to the newspaper with your opinion on a topic? You’d write a letter to the editor, perhaps. It was always signed with your name and address. Then others might read your letter and take the time to compose their own letter to you. They would share their name and address and let you know how they felt about your letter. Perhaps they disagreed and listed their reasons why. Or perhaps they agreed with you and were delighted you decided to publicize this information. It was a time of ladies and gentleman. What a concept – well thought out, respectful communication.

Today what do we have? We have these so called keyboard warriors or online trolls. They spend hours spewing their hateful comments all over the World Wide Web or social media in the comfort of their anonymous homes. They are brash, quick and ready to fight because they believe that their opinion is right -or they are just there to be disrespectful, just for fun. And the worst part is, they can go online and delete anything they’ve said and easily deny the whole thing. This very example must be listed under cowardice in the dictionary.

I miss the days where ladies and gentleman existed. And for you #MeToo folks I don’t mean ladies who sat idly by because of their so-called place, I mean people who made statements based on research and truths because it was the right thing to do and because they felt strongly about it. They read, they listened and they respectfully discussed. What a novel idea. How can we get that back?


Looking Back, Then Heading Forward

ISB is home sick on the couch today. Boo. But, it’s a good excuse to sit down and blog. I decided to revisit my not so “resolutionary”resolutions from 2017. Here’s last year’s post with some commentary on how I did:

1. Less pop music, more podcasts EH, not so much.

2. Less iPhone more film cameras TOTAL failure.

3. Less typing, more handwriting NAILED IT.

4. Less social media, more time with friends QUITE POSSIBLY!

5. Utilize the resources ahead of me and see what inspiration springs forth Not sure!

I’ve never been a goal-oriented person simply because there are too many things I’d like to do!! SO the list I made last year was a bit above the bar. I’ll admit I completely failed at number two. I knew I would. I tried my hand at podcasts and couldn’t really get into them. Instead, I continue listening to audiobooks from the library. As for number four, I did go out with friends last night and hosted friends at home a few times this year! I deleted (but returned to) social media. I broke out of the habit of scrolling the feed first thing in the morning. I think all the reports about the President and all the online fighting really turned me away from social media. My best efforts were number three. I started writing articles for the local paper about my library. Some were typed up, but a few I wrote by hand. And I must say, the better quality articles came from those written in pencil in a notebook. I quit the paper pretty quickly (did I mention it wasn’t a paid position) and decided to start writing a book. It took me along time to try and figure out exactly what kind of book that might be. I certainly don’t want to write a biography. I don’t want to do research for a non-fiction book and I sure as hell can’t write a novel!! I thought maybe if I combined my photographs and writing I might just get it right. And so far, I have. I got a little inspiration from the book Doorbells of Florence by Andrew Losowsky. His sweet book features a photo accompanied by a short story.  So I think maybe that is the way I will start writing. I hope to start typing up the stories soon, add a few more then find a publisher. 

So now, on this last day of 2017, it time for another list. Of all the things that happened this year, I think the most negative has had the biggest impact on me – negativity. It was a year filled with scandal, sexual abuse, terrorism and hate. Hate is all over social media and it makes me so annoyed. It is incredible how much time humans waste fighting back and forth with complete strangers on Facebook about politics. I consider them losers, really. I realize that is a strong word. I’d much rather them take the time to contact their local government officials. I wish people would try to send a more positive message. I obviously can’t expect anyone else to be positive, so maybe it should start with me. Positivity attracts positive people. Negativity attracts negative people. Maybe I can send a positive message. I think my blog does that but only to a small group (and by that I mean my friends, husband and my MOM!) I’ve had Youtube on my brain lately. I wonder if it would be a good outlet for me and my message(s). It is a terrifying thought though, having my face on Youtube. I may be a slightly eloquent writer but I am not the best speaker. I wonder who would watch. My father always says, nothing ventured, nothing gained. When I was younger, I would roll my eyes at him, but as I get older I realize he is right. So onto the 2018 list:


  1. Finish writing the book and get it published.
  2. Start a Youtube channel and make a difference
  3. Read more (typical I know)
  4. Walk or bike to work more.
  5. Sew at least 4 projects

Welcome 2018!