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Book Review – #Create

I discovered Danielle Lefebvre on Google. I was looking for a photographer and admired her consistent portrait portfolio. I started following her on social media. I was delighted when she asked me to review her book  #Create: Discover Your Purpose, Overcome Your Obstacles, Build Your Dream Creative Career. I love books about creativity, productivity, and business. This title seemed like something I would enjoy.

The first chapter of Lefebvre’s book left a bad taste in my mouth. It’s chock full of stories about other people – celebrities, designers, and historical figures. Were they inspirational stories? Kind of. But, I expect the author to present a personal narrative to welcome us into a book. That personal narrative differentiates the author from all the other writers out there. Alas, I kept going.

Later chapters finally incorporate very personal narratives and shortly after that, she burst through the doors and hit the ground running. Each chapter includes some core items for business owners (and I don’t mean simply SEO optimization or website editing) rather, chapters on self-worth, self-care, and juggling family, friends, and a career. This is what makes Lefebvre stand out among other business book authors.

At no point was the book dry, even when she gets into the nitty-gritty of all things business. This book is a great resource for any budding entrepreneur, not necessarily just photographers or designers. I certainly wish this book existed when I tried my hand at wedding photography. 

Overall, this book is worth the read. Support a local business owner, and purchase a copy today.


Top Five Tuesdays – Shop Local

Top Five Reasons I Love Shopping Local


  1. I can most likely walk there!

    Hooray! Shops down my street are so much more appealing than big box stores that I have to drive miles to get to!
  2. Owners bring their pets to work.

    I love how small business owners can just do whatever they want because they own the place. And that includes bringing their dog to work! Love being greeted by a pup at the door.
  3. There’s a good chance the owner is working on the products right in front of you (and might even ask your opinion about it)!

    I love watching artists working on pieces (jewelry, sewing, anything!)
    So cool to see the artist in her/his process. 
  4. Money goes back into the local economy.

    In your face AMAZON and misc big CEOs! Enough said!
  5. They remember your name and what you like! Maybe even save the last item for you since they know you are coming.

    Love that first class treatment! I would never get that at Target.

Sewing 101

   A good teacher recognizes your potential. A great teacher will push you to work harder and go the extra mile. A good teacher is very hard to find. I found one!

   I started sewing lessons at a local small business this year. The shop owners offer a garment sewing class one night a week. It has been very hard to attend class on a consistent basis with holidays and personal commitments but I stuck with it!

   For my first project, I was sure to purchase the pattern that looked easiest to me. At some pointMy plan was to build my confidence by making something easy. Sounds like a great plan, right? Well, my teacher had another plan.

   This class is really nice because there are only four students. The teacher tends to each student, giving others time to work on their piece. The first week I learned about the right and wrong sides of fabric. We also worked on adjusting and cutting the pattern to suit my measurements.

   I figured I would have this garment completed in a few classes. After all, I chose the easiest pattern in the store! It doesn’t even have sleeves or a collar! But, as we went along, she suggested I learn French seams. She said it was a lot more work, but an investment in my future sewing. Anything with French ahead of it is always sounds good to me – french fries, French bulldog etc. Great! Well, not so great. It took lots of concentration and attention to detail, which is not my strong point. I made a few mistakes while attaching the French seam to the garment. I became very acquainted with a seam ripper (for those who don’t sew, it is a tool to undo the stitches).

   I trusted my teacher because I know anything that is an investment of my time now will pay off later. Well, months later my purple, linen top is done. Unfortunately, I can’t wear it now because we are entering winter and it is freezing! I will tuck it away in my closet and look forward to wearing it next summer. I cannot wait to make another garment. I’m considering making the same garment in a different fabric so I can really get the process down.

   I (we all) are fortunate to have small businesses like this, where we can learn these life skills. The more I shop in big box retail stores for clothes, the more frustrated I become as the quality of clothing is horrific. I notice it even more now with a slightly more mature sewing eye.

   Funny, in life you encounter so many teachers throughout elementary, middle and high school. You recall being young and wanting to get away from teachers come summer. We all wish, as children, to have an adulthood void of teachers, right? But I don’t feel that way any longer. We need teachers! Sure Youtube is great for learning, but those Youtubers cannot provide hands-on assistance or encouragement!
Dedicated to my teacher Liz.

What Blog?

Life gets pretty hectic, right? On the main page of this website I have a nice graphic that says READ MY BLOG!! Well as I am scrolling through my blog I see only photos with brief headlines or sentences!! I must write more!! NaNoWriMo is coming up real soon. And, I am super excited that my library is offering a dedicated time slot for writing. We know that nothing creative ever gets done at home!! When I go, I might just do some blogging or at least think of something to write about! Perhaps I will dust off my old notebook with the pretty floral cover, which is full of unfinished stories based on my photography? Ugh, so many creative projects and not enough hours in the day!

I recently attended a brand therapy event at my library hosted by Rachel Dunham.  She was really great. Since I have officially retired from wedding photography, I have really been wondering what to do with my art and all things inspiration. Can I channel it into a new business? I really don’t want to sell my photography since the market is so saturated. Where’s my niche? Is it a book? A journal to inspire others? I kind of like that idea! But where to even begin?!?!

If anything, ’tis the season to figure it out as the daylight is shorter and the temperatures are colder.  I am already thinking about 2020, resolutions and being more productive. 2019 was not my year but I have high hopes for the next one!

Until then….

-Inspired Bald Girl




I still have the idea of a Youtube channel in the back of my mind, even though I removed my initial posts. I attending an event at the Barrington Public Library with Rachel Dunham. I am looking forward to her workshop next week. Hopefully this will help me take a step in the right direction.