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Walks with Friends

Seems that these days, walking is the way to go. I have always been a walker, but now, it is a great way to meet up with my friends. We went to the Touisset Marsh Wildlife Refuge this weekend. The weather was perfect considering it is November!

Halloween Fun – Cemetery Tour

The local historical society offered a cemetery tour on Halloween. I could not resist!! My husband and I took a two-hour tour of the North Burial ground in Bristol, Rhode Island. It was absolutely fascinating learning about the grave markers, their designs, along with some of Bristol’s late businessmen and celebrities. Our tour leader (pictured in the gallery) made the tour informative and fun and at some points, sentimental by sharing stories of his youth when he spent time wandering through the cemetery. 


This weekend, a nearby town had their special walkabout day for small business. There is a great music store called In Your Ear. They had a great sale on records this weekend and boy did I score some good ones. I did quite a bit of digging underneath the best seller cubes, and found these closer to the floor. Guess no one but me is looking for these!

Staycation – Part II

My husband has had Mystic Pizza on his mind for sometime now. We managed to find a frozen version at the local market, but it did not kill the desire. We pretty much based this day of staycation around the pizza shop. We ordered ahead for curbside then took it to a Rhode Island library’s park to enjoy it.

We hit up THREE libraries in one day, which lead to buckling in the massive amounts of checkouts we accumulated. Lots of learning ahead. Disclaimer – some of the items are for my parents too!

More information:

Savoy Bookstore

Mystic Pizza

Wilcox Park

We also stopped at the Fantastic Umbrella Factory, antique stores and of course, a book store!

We ended the day with Halloween movies and apple nachos!