Book Review – #Create

I discovered Danielle Lefebvre on Google. I was looking for a photographer and admired her consistent portrait portfolio. I started following her on social media. I was delighted when she asked me to review her book  #Create: Discover Your Purpose, Overcome Your Obstacles, Build Your Dream Creative Career. I love books about creativity, productivity, and business. This title seemed like something I would enjoy.

The first chapter of Lefebvre’s book left a bad taste in my mouth. It’s chock full of stories about other people – celebrities, designers, and historical figures. Were they inspirational stories? Kind of. But, I expect the author to present a personal narrative to welcome us into a book. That personal narrative differentiates the author from all the other writers out there. Alas, I kept going.

Later chapters finally incorporate very personal narratives and shortly after that, she burst through the doors and hit the ground running. Each chapter includes some core items for business owners (and I don’t mean simply SEO optimization or website editing) rather, chapters on self-worth, self-care, and juggling family, friends, and a career. This is what makes Lefebvre stand out among other business book authors.

At no point was the book dry, even when she gets into the nitty-gritty of all things business. This book is a great resource for any budding entrepreneur, not necessarily just photographers or designers. I certainly wish this book existed when I tried my hand at wedding photography. 

Overall, this book is worth the read. Support a local business owner, and purchase a copy today.