Planning, Planners and Goals

I love using the dot grid paper in my Happy Planner. I am trying to get into a self care routine, but it is a struggle! I made up this chart to get my in the habit of washing and moisturizing my face. Apparently, I am supposed to wash my face before bed. Never have. As I approach my late 30s, I suppose now is a good time to start!

Planning Continues

Loving this dotted journal paper for my Happy Planner. I will be disappointed when I run out!

Since we have been stuck home, I have had the time to make lots of lists. This list is televisions shows my husband and I would like to watch. I am sure you can tell which are his and which are mine!


Ok, folks, being at home all the time is terribly, right? We all whine about having nothing to do. But now is the time to do all the projects you never really have time to do. One of those is setting goals and thinking about dreams. It is very practical, useful and might help lift your spirits.

My husband and I are hoping to visit Hawaii for our ten year vow renewal. We are putting pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in a jar and hope to fill our savings with just enough money to stay for a week.

Today, I added a page to my Happy Planner with our trip ideas, so far. I love these stickers! It is like they were made for this page.

The Dog is Unimpressed

Am I the only person who has “to be read” lists everywhere? I have a list at work, I have a list in my library card account online then in my Google Drive and my Amazon wishlist. There are some titles I want to buy and own. There are some I want to read only on my Kindle. Then there are ones that I would only checkout from the library

I have decided the only way to commit to reading them, is to write them down (by HAND)! Pearl doesn’t believe I will ever put a dent in this list.

It’s Time To Get Things in Writing!

I added a few extra pages to my planner, under the reading section. I always think I must try to read this author. Then, it slips my mind. Quite often, patrons at the library will say oh you would love this author. I always want to read a book by the author to see if the patron is right, and, how well they think they know me. Here is the beginning of the list!