Top Five Tuesday – My Favorite Photographers

My Favorite Photographers

    1. Annie Leibovitz – She is the only photographer who has a style that I recognize immediately. It takes a lot to stand out as a photographer. It isn’t like other media where the stroke of your hand makes a signature line that is unique to you!  
    2. Sally Mann – I always liked her portraits but didn’t really fall in love with her until I read her memoir Hold Still. WOW. I highly recommend the book. 
    3. Bill Cunningham – Ok, so I maybe hoped and prayed everytime I went to New York City that Bill Cunningham would drive by me on his bicycle and capture my photo. A girl can dream. Always enjoyed seeing his photographs in the New York Times. I recommend the documentary about him called Bill Cunningham New York. You will fall in love with him. 
    4. Diane Arbus – I remember seeing her photographs in a library book in college and being blown away. What in the world was I looking it? She is like no other. 
    5. Cindy Sherman – Thank you Cindy Sherman for getting me started in my college photography class. I really enjoyed her self portrait film stills. Self portraits were my way out of Alopecia hell. I tip my hat to you Cindy!




New Camera Results

Well, I finally did it. I retired. Not from my full time job of course, but as a wedding/portrait photographer! Once I purchased an iPhone, I never really brought my camera anywhere. But I am not totally pleased with iPhone cameras so I decided it was time to buy a camera that was high quality but compact enough to carry around while I walk.

I did a bit of research and decided to go with a Canon camera. I love it. Here are the first test shots with the camera. Not bad. Can’t wait to shoot more.


Light and Darkness

It’s Bbeen a while since I’ve written something on the old blog. I captured this photo with my phone last night. As a real photographer, that statement will never sound normal to me, by the way! A friend and I were out on the town last night, attending a book event. We were walking from the car to the location when noticed the sidewalk. I have a habit of looking down when I walk because sometimes I’ll find something really interesting to photograph. I really liked the lighting here. I am eager to return during the day to see how this stone looks. I wonder if it is totally uninteresting in daylight. It reminds me of the charcoal sticks I used in art school. I am really attracted to this photo!