Art, Friends & Food = FUN!

A recipe for fun in my life includes art, friends & food. This weekend I made the long drive to Salem Massachusetts with my friend Sarah to see the Sally Mann exhibit at Peabody Essex Museum. The exhibit was much larger than I expected! I was so pleased to see a mix of Mann’s early work and newer photographs. This is my second trip to PEM (the first time I visited for the Georgia O’Keeffee exhibit which was also impressive) and I have to say it is a great little museum!

Some items from the museum gift shop:

Most of the day we walked around Salem then headed to the House of Seven Gables for a tour. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and had a great tone. She should’ve been a storyteller!

We lunched at Sea Level Oyster Bar where I had this awesome tostada! WOW.

We stumbled upon a clothing shop called Modern Millie’s. Regretfully, I did not buy anything but quickly fell in love with every piece in the store!!

What a great day! Hope for many more just like it!


Finally Finished!

I was so looking forward to this. I am a photographer and I know quite a bit about Avedon (studied in college during my photography courses.) Usually I am put off by books this big, but I was hoping this tome would make for a well researched book. Well that is NOT the case. This book was far too long and unorganized. I often enjoy reading different points of view but the amount of interviews the authors used took away from Avedon’s story. What a disappointment. Dare I say I found it PRETENTIOUS. BOO!