Pop of Color

I can tell this goal of mine, of writing a few lines for every photo, is going to be very hard or super annoying. But sometimes when we are pushed, we can produce some great results.

Leaves and humans have a lot in common, don’t they? Sure do. There are billions of leaves and billions of people in the world. Each leaf is unique and so are we. Leaves mature and fall off trees and disappear. Humans age and pass away. Every year, new leaves return. Every year, new babies are born. We can learn a lot about ourselves from nature.


Day 2 of writing a story (fiction) to accompany my photographs:

I have a certain affinity for lines. Lines have a purpose. They run parallel, create angles and always have a purpose. I like that they come to a point. For years my line ran parallel to love, as most of us do. We believe the lines will never cross and we will never have the opportunity. As much as we try to elbow our way out of the path of our line, we are stuck. Mathematics tells us parallel lines will never meet. Love defies parallel lines. We were parallel lines for a long time, him and me. For years we travelled our paths, our line, day by day. But for some unknown reason, some magical reason, a force that math will never explain, our parallel lines crossed….


All for now… Hmmmm….. Wonder if I should keep this one going. A little choppy and sloppy but it was just a brain dump! – IBG

Fall Walks…

Ok, here is is, day 1 of my goal of posting text with my photos.

Walking the dog on Fall days can be a total distraction. I love all the colors!! Also, I have to keep an eye on my dog because she is always sniffing under the leaves to find food!

I noticed this piece of bark on the ground today. I am unsure of the tree this bark comes from, but I really love the way it curls. Did someone pull it off or did it come off this way?

Ok, maybe this photo wasn’t the best inspiration for writing. But at least I am writing!