Top Five Tuesday – Super Fun Books

I am hoping committing to Top Five Tuesday blog posts from now on. Let’s see how it goes. Today I have chosen 5 books that I think are super fun!


Fictitious Dishes
by Dinah Fried

Fried creates and photographs meals fashioned from the novels of her selection (classics of course). Quite clever and innovative! We listened to her speak at the Providence Public Library and she was great!

Advanced Style
by Ari Seth Cohen

This concept started as a blog and blossomed into two books. It is jam packed with fabulous ladies in fabulous fashion. Nothing run-of-the-mill here!

F in Exams
by  Richard Benson

Hilarious!!! This tiny book is full of real-life test answers that are so ridiculous you will laugh your butt off (well maybe if you’re a teacher you won’t) but I find it funny!!!


Dog Years: Faithful Friends, Then and Now
by Amanda Jones

Before and after photographs of dogs. Just precious. If I need to explain why this is great you are clearly not a dog person and I don’t have time for you!

And finally one of my MOST FAVORITE BOOKS OF ALL TIME:

Dear Photograph
by Taylor Jones

Once again we have before and after photos, but presented in a unique way. Take a photograph from the past, line it up at the exact location today and see the difference. Oh memories!!


Last Mirrorless Test

Well, the camera loan has come to an end. This last round I shot some nature shots, family party photos and of course, my dog.

Overall, this camera is not too bad!  It took some pretty decent shots of the bees. In some shots you can see the pollen on its body. The 18-55mm lens allows for a decent F-stop range.

I didn’t get a chance to try any outdoor, night shots. This was the lowest light I shot in. Not too bad!

Finished up with some family shots. Cute!