Mat Board

A friend of mine lost her husband. He was a photographer. If you are an artist, you know how we accumulate supplies. We were chatting one day, and she told me her late husband had quite a lot of mat board in their house and she wished to share it with me. I gladly accepted it.
I have been slowly working with it, as I have been stuck at home during this pandemic. I was wondering what to do with the board that wasn’t already cut. I do not have a steady hand, so I immediately chose not to cut it. Here is what I came up with:

The little wood stickers are from Hobby Lobby. This is probably the fourth package I have purchased. I use them on everything. I am glad I thought to use them on these.

Throwback Thursday

Here’s an older post by me that I like! I wish I had some of this inspiration right now!

I  think I found my new muse. My old muse was the rundown factory on the corner of Franklin and Buttonwood Streets in Bristol, RI. She was knocked down a while back to make way for a local business. Oh how many times I wished I were a no-good, very bad person and had the guts to trespass, just to photograph the inside. However, it might kill the mystery of it all!