Day 2 of writing a story (fiction) to accompany my photographs:

I have a certain affinity for lines. Lines have a purpose. They run parallel, create angles and always have a purpose. I like that they come to a point. For years my line ran parallel to love, as most of us do. We believe the lines will never cross and we will never have the opportunity. As much as we try to elbow our way out of the path of our line, we are stuck. Mathematics tells us parallel lines will never meet. Love defies parallel lines. We were parallel lines for a long time, him and me. For years we travelled our paths, our line, day by day. But for some unknown reason, some magical reason, a force that math will never explain, our parallel lines crossed….


All for now… Hmmmm….. Wonder if I should keep this one going. A little choppy and sloppy but it was just a brain dump! – IBG

Writing Goals

I am lucky to have a job where my co-workers are creative types. Really helps get me inspired. They are also super productive and organized (qualities of librarians of course)! They are constantly discussing or planning ideas and events. One of those events, is a weekly NaNoWriMo writing session! Maybe this could help me finally finish that book I have always wanted to write.

I will admit, I have toned down my notebook and stationary addiction (sorry U.S. economy). But I still have one notebook full of scribbles, stories and some totally illegible ideas that I jotted down quickly to get them out of this crazy brain of mine. I think it is time to tend to that.

I am not the girl who could write a novel. Too long, too detailed and too much work. I decided one day, long ago, to use my photographs to write short stories. I have a very sloppy notebook, (aforementioned), with a small print taped to the left page and a story on the right. It makes writing fun.

Thinking about this blog, NaNoWriMo, writing in general etc., I thought I might set an easy goal for myself. I recently wrote about my blog being more about photos and less about writing. My goal is to write at least 3 lines to accompany any photo I post on the blog. It can’t be about the location of the photo or anything obvious. Hopefully this will get the creative juices flowing!

Let’s see how I do!!