Weekly, Daily, Hourly…?

Normally, this would be a weekly exercise. But since the pandemic, I have been writing in it more often! I actually finished it today! Bummer! I already asked my husband to buy me another one for Christmas. There aren’t many variations of them but I feel like, even if I filled out the same one every year, it might be interesting to compare each year, to see if I have different answers on my lists.

Top Five Tuesday – Morning Walks

Things I Love About Morning Walks

  1. It is quiet! 

    Aah! Peace and quiet! So rare! Some folks are still sleeping when we are walking. What a shame. And the folks that are out at the same time as you, have respect for morning tranquility. A day should start quietly!

  2. You may see an animal or something special 

    Once in a while, you will stumble upon an animal. It is rare, but when it happens, it is awesome (until the dog dashes off after one)!

  3. Fresh air, no trafficNo loud cars. No exhaust fumes. Just fresh air!
  4. Starts my day off right with exercise! 

    Ok kids. I hate exercise. I hate gyms. SO walking is ideal for me. I get to see things and trick myself into exercising!

  5. Clears my head 

    No phone or emails? No dinging of text messages? No one around to talk to you? That means a nice, clear head with no distractions. Some of my best writing comes from a clear head! Too bad I can’t write and walk at the same time.