Top Five Tuesday – 90s Hunks!

90s Hunks

  1. JTT First of all, you have to be super awesome to be known just by your initials. Loved him as the smart ass on Home Improvement and really loved him as the voice of Simba in the Lion King!

  2. Devon Sawa – Remember him from Now & Then and Casper?! So cute!

  3. 90210 Cast – HELLO. Your choice of stereotpyical cute guys – bad boy, rich boy, boy next door etc. Take your pick!! I cannot choose one!

  4. Leonardo DiCaprio – He always stood out to me. Leo was always a bit more intense of an actor, even in smaller roles. He’d be the more intelligent of my pretend boyfriends…

  5. Backstreet Boys, NSYNC & 98 Degrees – Boys who sing and dance. Seriously. Enough said.