Well, it has been a while since I’ve done a Top Five Tuesday. I don’t know how people come up with weekly TFT! JEEZ! Let’s begin, shall we?

It seems like the word of the decade is MINDFULNESS. It is everywhere- books, Youtube, Yoga class etc. MINDFULNESS can apply to so many aspects in one’s life! This year I have been reflecting a lot on finances. I’ve set some pretty tough financial goals for myself so I have to be mindful of certain things in order to achieve the goals. Much like the rest of America, I have certain retail weaknesses – Starbucks, clothes, stationary or pretty much anything at Hobby Lobby. So in my Happy Planner I have inserted a little unofficial manifesto to remind myself to save money. Here are my top 5 –

  1. Reading, writing and learning are all FREE (and will enrich your life!)
  2. Rearrange or repurpose. Don’t buy new.
  3. Look around – you have so much already.
  4. You have everything you NEED (most consider WANT over NEED tisk tisk)
  5. Saving money feels better than buying something.

So there it is. Below is a modified version (mine has some more personal items) which you can save to your computer and print. It should fit into a classic size Happy Planner or you can just post it somewhere in your office!

This World Is Too Crazy For Me

Sometimes I feel like this world is spiraling out of control. Often I feel so consumed by online news, social media and even TV. We are a spoiled, ungrateful culture with every answer and luxury at our fingertips (PHONES) and it is getting on my nerves. People spend hours of their lives arguing on Facebook with complete strangers or violently march the streets claiming they are better than others and will have it no other way. Yuck. Just yuck.

I never imagined I would be sick of music but when you have a digital subscription like Apple Music or Amazon you can search any song, any time and play it whenever you like. This has prompted me to try to become more mindful these days. I am trying to go back to my analog ways. And that has started with giving up digital calendars for paper and cancelling my digital music subscription. SO nice to take the time to read and write with pencil. In addition, we purchased a record player a while back. I have never appreciated music more than I do now. Daily, I carefully choose an album from our collection, play it and when it is over, I have to get up off the couch and flip it over. I am so aware and it feels great. I even take the time to notice the album cover art. Remember how excited you’d be when buying a new CD – to open the CD and unfold the inserts?! Even to read the dedications by the artist?! WOW!

We had a day off and wandered up to the shops in the big cities. We found a great comic book store wth a wonderful selection of records. We had a great time. Browsing for records always prompts conversation between my husband and me – that’s right – TALKING FACE TO FACE. Remember that? That’s another thing that has died thanks to digital everything. We both expressed how excited we were to return home to play the records and sip wine.

Am I nostalgic? YES. But I am certainly no fuddy-duddy. Really, I’m not!!
As a matter of fact, earlier in the day we were on Youtube looking up 70s, 80s & 90s TV commercials. We had A BLAST reliving our childhood. And I was so thankful for the ability to do so.

I do believe in “everything in moderation.” Now if I could only apply that to my sugar and wine consumption…..