Motivation Monday

As I get older, it seems different things motivate me. If you know me, you know I am never motivated to exercise. Jumping jacks, sits up and stretching are a total drag. But I do it anyway because it’s good for me.

What I do love is walking. I love to walk because it is good for me. I love to walk because it allows me to see. I love seeing things. Looking up, down and all around provides endless inspiration. And of course, I am compelled to capture it all in photographs.

I am a true believer that whatever you are preoccupied with as a young child will be a driving passion in your adulthood (notice I didn’t say career). I was always preoccupied with old photographs. I loved to study the people and the places in photographs. I always made note of the date and styles of clothing or furniture. So I suppose it seems obvious that I would be interested in capturing everything I see now. Perhaps someone else in the future will look at my photographs and feel the same now as I did as a child. I hope so since most folks don’t even print photographs any longer.


Mindful Monday

Monday is my only good weekday. I’m always pumped to start off the week on the right foot. I’m up early to exercise, walk the dog and make a decent breakfast. But, I don’t seem to get any writing in! Writing seems to happen only during NaNoWriMo and that isn’t good!! But it’s really got me thinking about scheduling time to write. That’s why I am glad I have this blog. I can just write up a blurb or use a prompt like Top Five Tuesday to get a little writing in, even though I don’t consider it legit, because it is from brain to computer and not brain to pen and paper. 

I’m at Starbucks right now. I have a doctor’s appointment out of town, so I thought I’d leave extra early so I can sit, write and enjoy a coffee.  I look like a Millennial right now. I feel like a real writer though – whatever that is.

Nowadays, so many people write. Remember before the Internet, people had to fight their way to getting published in publications? Now anyone can create a blog and instantly publish whatever they want and can be found by anyone in the world, not just a newspaper audience. Whoah! Some people are even lucky enough to get famous this way by getting an Internet following. My, how times have changed. 

I wonder though, if the quality of content has gone down the toilet since everyone is writing whatever they want without critiques of professional peers. I know my writing has since the advent of autocorrect. I have been told if you are a good reader you will be a good writer. I hope that is true because I try to read a lot!  

Part of me wants to blame smartphone use for the demise or decline of writing. Emails, texts, etc. are so informal! I remember the days when I used to know how to address and compose a professional letter. Now, I use a template in Google Docs. 

Well, as usual, I digress, as I quite often do. You know about us creative types….




Top Five Tuesday – Mindfulness

This is a repost from long ago.


It seems like the word of the decade is MINDFULNESS. It is everywhere- books, Youtube, Yoga class etc. MINDFULNESS can apply to so many aspects in one’s life! This year I have been reflecting a lot on finances. I’ve set some pretty tough financial goals for myself so I have to be mindful of certain things in order to achieve the goals. Much like the rest of America, I have certain retail weaknesses – Starbucks, clothes, stationary or pretty much anything at Hobby Lobby. So in my Happy Planner I have inserted a little unofficial manifesto to remind myself to save money. Here are my top 5 –

  1. Reading, writing and learning are all FREE (and will enrich your life!)
  2. Rearrange or repurpose. Don’t buy new.
  3. Look around – you have so much already.
  4. You have everything you NEED (most consider WANT over NEED tisk tisk)
  5. Saving money feels better than buying something.