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Saw some interesting things on the beach today. This seemed like an anomaly to me. Here on the beach with seaweed and sand lay a leaf, fallen from a tree, its color already changed. Summer and Fall have merged. How strange. I always see them as separate – one ends and the other begins. Maybe I can learn a little something from nature…

I can tell this goal of mine, of writing a few lines for every photo, is going to be very hard or super annoying. But sometimes when we are pushed, we can produce some great results.

Leaves and humans have a lot in common, don’t they? Sure do. There are billions of leaves and billions of people in the world. Each leaf is unique and so are we. Leaves mature and fall off trees and disappear. Humans age and pass away. Every year, new leaves return. Every year, new babies are born. We can learn a lot about ourselves from nature.