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Media & Stationary Cart

I don’t really have an office, unless you count the old table in the attic. But sitting in the attic, on a hot summer day, is not fun. So, I purchased this rolling cart from Michael’s. I love the purple color. The top tier has a bamboo stand, that acts as a charging station for all my devices (currently hidden by this cute camera box).

Second tier has all my journals, notebooks, Happy Planners and a container full of paper clips and elastics. I usually store my pencil case here, but I notice that it is missing. Must be in the living room!

The bottom tier has my cameras (digital and polaroid) along with all the accessories, tucked away in the fabric bags. The bags are actually book sleeves, but are handy for holding things!

I like that I can roll the cart into the kitchen if I want to work at the big table. Or I just pull it next to the couch! Very handy purchase for $29.99!

I Just Love These!

I absolutely enjoy these 52 Lists books! I think I saw the first one at TJMaxx or Michaels. The prompts are helpful and I like that it isn’t daily. I try to write everyday, but that isn’t always an option. I will put these away and take them out someday and reflect on the person I was and what I was thinking at the time!