Tag Line

Branding, elevator pitches and tag lines are on my mind today. At work this year, I have taken on branding and promoting my place of employment. It is very interesting. I have a little experience with marketing as I minored in business in college. Sometimes I wish I majored in it instead. But let’s face it, I never would have made it past Account 102.

After attending branding therapy sessions at my local library, I have been thinking a lot about tag lines. I remember struggling with those a lot when I was doing wedding photography. There were only so many keywords a wedding photographer could use at the time (if you wanted to attract a certain clientele). And many of us sounded the same. But now that I have retired from it all, and am taking advantage of my more playful side, I figured I could try my hand at a new tag line.

But, I have sooooo many passions. It is really hard to reel them all in. But, after filling out Rachel Dunham’s journal, I was able to narrow it all down to the one thing that really makes me special – my EYE. Ultimately, I consider myself a photographer/artist. Without an eye, one cannot really call themselves an artist, in my humble opinion anyway.

Farther along in the journaling process I learned that, as an artist, I have a process:

  1. I see something that inspires me
  2. I photograph the subject.
  3. I share it on my blog.
  4. I love seeing my collections and hope they inspire others!

What I am shooting today is really different from wedding photography. Sure I am taking photographs and eventually sharing them with people, but it was a JOB with a ton of pressure. The purpose was to capture personal moments of complete strangers. It sounds insane now.

So today (and from now on), I am capturing images that mean something to me, that hopefully inspire others.


Here are some graphics  I’ve been playing with from Canva.com:

What Blog?

Life gets pretty hectic, right? On the main page of this website I have a nice graphic that says READ MY BLOG!! Well as I am scrolling through my blog I see only photos with brief headlines or sentences!! I must write more!! NaNoWriMo is coming up real soon. And, I am super excited that my library is offering a dedicated time slot for writing. We know that nothing creative ever gets done at home!! When I go, I might just do some blogging or at least think of something to write about! Perhaps I will dust off my old notebook with the pretty floral cover, which is full of unfinished stories based on my photography? Ugh, so many creative projects and not enough hours in the day!

I recently attended a brand therapy event at my library hosted by Rachel Dunham.  She was really great. Since I have officially retired from wedding photography, I have really been wondering what to do with my art and all things inspiration. Can I channel it into a new business? I really don’t want to sell my photography since the market is so saturated. Where’s my niche? Is it a book? A journal to inspire others? I kind of like that idea! But where to even begin?!?!

If anything, ’tis the season to figure it out as the daylight is shorter and the temperatures are colder.  I am already thinking about 2020, resolutions and being more productive. 2019 was not my year but I have high hopes for the next one!

Until then….

-Inspired Bald Girl