Well, it has been a while since I’ve done a Top Five Tuesday. I don’t know how people come up with weekly TFT! JEEZ! Let’s begin, shall we?

It seems like the word of the decade is MINDFULNESS. It is everywhere- books, Youtube, Yoga class etc. MINDFULNESS can apply to so many aspects in one’s life! This year I have been reflecting a lot on finances. I’ve set some pretty tough financial goals for myself so I have to be mindful of certain things in order to achieve the goals. Much like the rest of America, I have certain retail weaknesses – Starbucks, clothes, stationary or pretty much anything at Hobby Lobby. So in my Happy Planner I have inserted a little unofficial manifesto to remind myself to save money. Here are my top 5 –

  1. Reading, writing and learning are all FREE (and will enrich your life!)
  2. Rearrange or repurpose. Don’t buy new.
  3. Look around – you have so much already.
  4. You have everything you NEED (most consider WANT over NEED tisk tisk)
  5. Saving money feels better than buying something.

So there it is. Below is a modified version (mine has some more personal items) which you can save to your computer and print. It should fit into a classic size Happy Planner or you can just post it somewhere in your office!

Happy Planner Tells All

It’s been a week or so since I started using my Happy Planner. I don’t use it for appointments or birthdays, rather for my personal and creative life- workouts, writing time, Youtube filming/editing etc. This planner is great because it helps me micromanage my time. Days go by fast and many things slip my mind (unfortunately those things are usually things I like to do for fun.) So this year I vow for that not to happen. Enter the Happy Planner.

Happy Planner has taught me I cannot do it all, even if I break up the day an hour at a time. Something is going to have to give, and I think it will be my Youtube channel. It takes up far too much time and doesn’t really help me reach my goals of writing and reading more. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I suppose. Youtube isn’t the right outlet for me. Sure it would be nice if I could make money talking about books and sharing my photography, but it won’t happen. I think I will stick to being a Youtube viewer. It is a great outlet for learning!

Also, in order to focus on my blog, I should really stop posting the same content on my social media. Instagram makes it too easy to spit out posts to all my outlets. This will be a challenge! But having the WordPress app on my phone may help!

Well, there you have it!