“Who Do You Take After?”

I bet you’ve been asked this question a few times in your life, right? I’d say I take after both my parents. My mother however, is where I get my childlike nature. Although we are responsible adults, we like to have fun and we take delight in many simple things like – Disney films. Mom loves the waltzes and the gowns and I like the music, the animation and of course dreams coming true.

Mom recently hit a milestone birthday (can’t tell which, sorry) and I thought this would be the perfect excuse for a Disney Princess birthday. We are by no means extreme (no princess party hats or sashes here). Rather, I used my resources and made up simple items dreamt up by a little thing called imagination….well…and the INTERNET. Thanks to my husband who made the cupcakes while I did the easy part of designing and cutting out papers!
So much fun! Hope she liked it!

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) cupcakes
Belle from Beauty & the Beast


Cupcakes galore.

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