Home Decor Video

Here’s my video on home decor. I do enjoy looking at books & magazines about home decor from my local library. It is great way to get ideas without getting sucked into Pinterest. I certainly don’t fit into any of the categories in the books, but I guess I am somewhere between eclectic and book/photograph hoarder?!

I’ve been binge-watching the Youtube channel Do It On A Dime. She is REALLY into shopping at the Dollar Tree. I LOVE Dollar Tree but usually only go for the few “old faithfuls” like tin foil, Apple iPhone products, paper plates etc.  But she really has a knack at finding things that look quality! Well done!



Pop of Color

I am pretty sure a while back I mentioned using this awesome paper from Michael’s to line shelves. I wait until they have a 70% off rack.

Well here it is again in my pantry. I just love a pop of color. I will have to take a photo of the whole pantry sometime to show you what it looks like completed!

Before (zzz):

After (POP):