Little Women

I’m about 175 pages from the end of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Let me tell you, I’ll be so sad when it is over. I am in love with this book. Dare I say, it is neck and neck with my all-time favorite book, To Kill A Mockingbird? No book has ever dethroned Lee’s title from the top of my list. Let’s see what happens.

I am at the part of the story where Amy meets up with Laurie in France. Amy mentions Christmas day, the feast and opening letters. How this book makes me miss handwritten letters arriving in the mail. How precious was it to wait so long to receive a handwritten letter from home with news and well wishes?! 

I could never trade my smartphone for those days, but I certainly appreciate it. I wish there was something as special and so precious in my life like receiving letters in the mail. Sure, I (we) have special moments still, but it just isn’t the same as waiting with bated breath, for the latest letter to arrive.

I always appreciate handwritten notes and cards from my husband, even if it consists of a post-it note in my closet, telling me I look beautiful in anything I wear. There is something so real and so permanent in the written word.

Top Five Tuesday – Classic Hollywood Performers

1. Julie Andrews

Perfection. No explanation needed.

2. Cary Grant

That face, that hair, that voice!!! So dashing and debonair. There are very few actors I am so interested in to have watched so many of his movies and he is one!! I may not be anywhere near watching ALL the films he starred in, but I must be close!

3. Gene Kelly

 He is just one of those actors who ooze joy no matter what role he plays. Oh and of course, he’s a fabulous dancer! One of my go-to movies to watch when I am sick is Singing in the Rain. He aways makes me laugh.

4. Jimmy Stewart

 Of course I love him in It’s A Wonderful Life but I also enjoyed watching him in Hitchcock films as well. I wasn’t sure I would like him as any other character than George Bailey. Grant always played the cool cat but Stewart never struck me as that kind of swoon-worthyworthy actor. But he is great!

Marilyn Monroe

Sure, she always played a sex kitten but I think she is a lot smarter than everyone gives her credit for!!  She had a lot of pizazz and personality. Love that look!