Top Five Tuesday – Classic Hollywood Performers

1. Julie Andrews

Perfection. No explanation needed.

2. Cary Grant

That face, that hair, that voice!!! So dashing and debonair. There are very few actors I am so interested in to have watched so many of his movies and he is one!! I may not be anywhere near watching ALL the films he starred in, but I must be close!

3. Gene Kelly

 He is just one of those actors who ooze joy no matter what role he plays. Oh and of course, he’s a fabulous dancer! One of my go-to movies to watch when I am sick is Singing in the Rain. He aways makes me laugh.

4. Jimmy Stewart

 Of course I love him in It’s A Wonderful Life but I also enjoyed watching him in Hitchcock films as well. I wasn’t sure I would like him as any other character than George Bailey. Grant always played the cool cat but Stewart never struck me as that kind of swoon-worthyworthy actor. But he is great!

Marilyn Monroe

Sure, she always played a sex kitten but I think she is a lot smarter than everyone gives her credit for!!  She had a lot of pizazz and personality. Love that look!

Robin Hood!

I am so enjoying this book, even though the old English slows me down a little!

I can’t wait for Fall so I can sit at the park on my lunch break and read comfortably. I try now, but the summer sun is far too hot, sometimes even in the shade!