The Richest Man in the World.

Christmas is creeping up on us. While I usually start watching Christmas movies in late November, I try and save It’s a Wonderful Life for the last few days before Christmas. It is my favorite Christmas movie and possibly my favorite movie ever.

I suppose I annoy the daylights out of my husband when we watch the film together because I recite my favorite lines just as enthusiastically as the actors. While it is hard to pick my favorite line, I think we can all agree that this one is in the top ten:

“To my big brother George – the richest man in town.”

Sure the line about the bell ringing and the angel getting its wings is epic. But the line about Bailey being the richest man in town is most powerful. On the surface, I suppose most viewers of the film consider Bailey rich because all of his friends and family were able to get the funds to save the business from bankruptcy and scandal. If we look at the definition of rich, it makes sense, right?

We immediately think of money, right? Resources and possessions usually include valuable things like gold or crystal right? Well, yes, and no. I am by no means rich with money, or gold or anything of the sort. But I feel rich because I have a loving husband, a dog, friends/family and a job. I have lots of freedoms and the world is my oyster! WOW!

Bailey is rich because he has the support of friends, family and community. I bet very few people can say that. These days we worship and support social media stars instead of hardworking people like Bailey. We would rather scroll through the Kardashian’s social media feed than recognize teachers or nurses who are the unsung heroes of the everyday world.

Food for thought!