Top Five Tuesday: Black & White Films

Aside from whatever films my family introduced me to, I really didn’t know much about black & white films until I took a college course on the topic. Introduction to Film was a general studies class that I thought I would really enjoy, so I signed up. Boy what a great class!

5. Citizen Kane
First B+W film I watched in class. WOW. How did I not know the word NOIR?? What a great film.

4. Rebeccah
I discovered Hitchcock far too late in life. This film is just as good as the book. After this I think I have watched every one of his films.

3. Philadelphia Story
Grant, Hepburn AND Stewart all in one film? Perfect.

2. Bishop’s Wife
My journey through b&w films took me to all things Cary Grant. I didn’t find this one for quite sometime. I think I found it while looking for Christmas movies. Love it.

1. It’s a Wonderful Life

GOLD. It is perfect. Don’t even try to argue. I will not listen.