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Bullet journaling….sort of…

A few years ago, I purchased my very first Happy Planner. I have been pretty pleased so far, because I can make my covers and inserts if I want, or, I can just buy new inserts, or a brand new planner every year. HP sells a lot of notepapers, one kind, is this dot grid paper, mostly used for bullet journaling.

I have been tempted to buy and make my bullet journal calendar instead. It is a lot of work though! I often watch YouTube channels on the topic. It can be very hypnotic, watching these people design their own, elaborate calendars. I almost believe I can do it too!

I thought about it and decided I would try January 2021 on the HP paper and see how much work it really is. IT IS A LOT OF WORK! This is only the month in advance spread! The weekly (not pictured) was a lot of work too, mostly because I decided to use Midliner pens for colors and habit trackers for fitness and finance. Bullet journaling requires lots of precision and measuring, and I normally do not have the patience. I cannot imagine doing this for 11 more months. However, if I find myself in another lockdown, I may give it a shot!

Most bullet journal artists draw or sketch photos on or around the calendar. I just don’t have the patience! For now, though, I am pretty pleased with this calendar, with teal stickers on top.

We shall see what happens next!

Planning Continues

Loving this dotted journal paper for my Happy Planner. I will be disappointed when I run out!

Since we have been stuck home, I have had the time to make lots of lists. This list is televisions shows my husband and I would like to watch. I am sure you can tell which are his and which are mine!

The Dog is Unimpressed

Am I the only person who has “to be read” lists everywhere? I have a list at work, I have a list in my library card account online then in my Google Drive and my Amazon wishlist. There are some titles I want to buy and own. There are some I want to read only on my Kindle. Then there are ones that I would only checkout from the library

I have decided the only way to commit to reading them, is to write them down (by HAND)! Pearl doesn’t believe I will ever put a dent in this list.