Planning, Planners and Goals

I love using the dot grid paper in my Happy Planner. I am trying to get into a self care routine, but it is a struggle! I made up this chart to get my in the habit of washing and moisturizing my face. Apparently, I am supposed to wash my face before bed. Never have. As I approach my late 30s, I suppose now is a good time to start!

Planning Continues

Loving this dotted journal paper for my Happy Planner. I will be disappointed when I run out!

Since we have been stuck home, I have had the time to make lots of lists. This list is televisions shows my husband and I would like to watch. I am sure you can tell which are his and which are mine!

The Dog is Unimpressed

Am I the only person who has “to be read” lists everywhere? I have a list at work, I have a list in my library card account online then in my Google Drive and my Amazon wishlist. There are some titles I want to buy and own. There are some I want to read only on my Kindle. Then there are ones that I would only checkout from the library

I have decided the only way to commit to reading them, is to write them down (by HAND)! Pearl doesn’t believe I will ever put a dent in this list.

It’s Time To Get Things in Writing!

I added a few extra pages to my planner, under the reading section. I always think I must try to read this author. Then, it slips my mind. Quite often, patrons at the library will say oh you would love this author. I always want to read a book by the author to see if the patron is right, and, how well they think they know me. Here is the beginning of the list!