I’ll “BEE” Damned!

Someone that frequents the library sent me a Facebook message asking if I’d like to attend a local charity event for free. She told me a sponsor purchased a table with the intention of offering the seats to those who serve the community. So my husband and I said we would be delighted!

The event was the BWEF Bodacious Bee. It was held at Roger Williams University. There were lots of vendors from the culinary incubator Hope & Main and thanks to them we were full before dinner was even served! Local entrepreneur Alayne White was there with a slew of vintage typewriters. Guests were invited to tap (pun intended) into their creative potential and share their thoughts about anything they wanted. In addition, there were tons of auction items and my husband took home tickets to see the Pawsox, which we are happy about since they are relocating the stadium soon!

After announcements the teams got on stage and began the bee. Some of the outfits and team costumes were hilarious. I especially loved the R BEE G (dressed as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg). I tried to spell the words while at the table and I was able to spell many but there were some tricky medical terms and some terms from the Catholic religion that I SHOULD have known since I spent so many years in Catholic school. The infamous Catholic guilt still reigns on.

It must have taken a heroic effort to get this done so thanks to you all. We had a nice time! Pardon the low quality pics;  the room was very dark!

The brochure for the evening.
No event is complete without a photo booth.
Typing away. I forgot how much pressure I needed to apply to get the keys to work!
R BEE G in the middle. Complete with lace collar. Well done ladies.
Here is my letter to children which I left at the table. Clearly I need practice using a typewriter, especially pressing hard on the keys!




I  think I found my new muse. My old muse was the rundown factory on the corner of Franklin and Buttonwood Streets in Bristol, RI. She was knocked down a while back to make way for a local business. Oh how many times I wished I were a no-good, very bad person and had the guts to trespass, just to photograph the inside. However, it might kill the mystery of it all!