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Halloween Fun – Cemetery Tour

The local historical society offered a cemetery tour on Halloween. I could not resist!! My husband and I took a two-hour tour of the North Burial ground in Bristol, Rhode Island. It was absolutely fascinating learning about the grave markers, their designs, along with some of Bristol’s late businessmen and celebrities. Our tour leader (pictured in the gallery) made the tour informative and fun and at some points, sentimental by sharing stories of his youth when he spent time wandering through the cemetery. 

Throwback Thursday

Here’s an older post by me that I like! I wish I had some of this inspiration right now!

I  think I found my new muse. My old muse was the rundown factory on the corner of Franklin and Buttonwood Streets in Bristol, RI. She was knocked down a while back to make way for a local business. Oh how many times I wished I were a no-good, very bad person and had the guts to trespass, just to photograph the inside. However, it might kill the mystery of it all!