I Think I’ll Go To Boston…..

Took a quick day trip to Boston today to see the Frida Kahlo called Frida Kahlo and Arte Popular. The exhibit has been at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts since  February. The exhibit was great but pales in comparison to the exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. I splurged at the gift shop. Couldn’t leave behind the cute socks and stickers! We also stopped by the Gender Bending Fashion exhibit which was FABULOUS! I recommend it!


We stopped at Wahlburg’s for lunch and were delighted to learn some kind stranger paid for our meal. So a big thanks to whomever that was! Love that. Will pay it forward!! After that we stopped at the Brattle Book Shop, which was fun! I love a good book store!

My friend introduced me to Primark clothing store which was super fun. I managed to resist temptation and didn’t leave with a thing even though I really wanted from a Friend’s mini backpack!

Lucky for us we stumbled upon Tatte Bakery & Cafe for a sweet! Yum!



Friday Night Boston

Someone gave us tickets to the Red Sox this week. Now, I will admit I don’t know a damn thing about sports. It is not my favorite topic and it isn’t something I care to even learn about. I went to the game because my husband is a Sox fan and he promised to take me to a library beforehand (good deal!)

We arrived in Boston around 3pm and started at the Mary Baker Eddy Library. A friend of ours told us about their mapparium, but other than that, we had no idea what the place was. It is a Christian Science library (something which I will have to research because I have not yet heard of this religion). We had time to just see the mapparium (which was totally worth the $6.00). But there are no photos allowed inside! So I borrowed one from their website. It is a lovely building. Oh I forgot! They have a small selfie wall with a shot of the mapparium! It was cute!

It rained buckets before the game, but the skies parted just in time to start the show! I will say, I don’t know much about baseball but the Boston fans are SO enthusiastic and loyal that you can’t help but cheer along with them! The Sox are lucky to have such nice fans!



I Think I’ll Go To Boston

Pam and I always have a great time when we go on our adventures. It never fails that we end up learning so much and usually order lots of books from the library to learn even more.

Had a great time at the Boston Public Library. Interesting to see the old and new buildings. So fun. And of course I had to search for my favorite book in the stacks.

Next up was the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. 15 minutes after the opening, the admission line was out the door and around the corner. Always worth it!!

We lunched at Wahlburger (created and owned by the hunky Wahlbergs Mark, Donnie etc.) Yum!!

Off to walk Newbury Street (window shopping of course).

A walk through the gardens brought us to this. (Kerchiefs for the Pride Parade day) 🏳️‍🌈

I am tired!!! Time to order some library books through inter library loan and hit the sack!

A Day Well Spent

Visiting a museum is a day well spent in my life. Today we went to Boston Museum of Science. I enjoyed it immensely. As you scroll through the photos you can tell my favorite is the science of light (all too appropriate as I am a photographer.) I also enjoyed the planetarium. Constellations are fascinating and planets are too.

Regretfully, throughout school I disliked science. Today I fell in love with science. How wonderful!