I can’t find the word – is it a resurgence, a comeback or a revival? Whatever it is, I am along for the ride. The 90s are back -hardcore. It seems we’ve hit a point in culture where nothing is new – movies and TV shows are all remakes or remodeled from past- Full House,  Beverly Hills 90210, Roseanne etc. and I am seeing lots of 90s inspired clothes at Target. I even saw a Caboodle! Someone is really trying to bank on past. The media is really pushing it on us. I will not resist though, simply because it brings me joy and it doesn’t cost me anything since I can check out old books, movies, and tv shows from the library. And there is the criteria for me before choosing to invest my time in something.

When I read fiction as a child, I always enjoyed a strong lead character (still do). I can’t remember how I was introduced to the Babysitter’s Club but I remember reading quite a few of the novels, then watching the movie. I wanted to be one of these girls so bad! They were smart, independent, loyal friends and entrepreneurs. In my life, all I knew were secretaries, teachers, bankers or nurses, so the idea of being an entrepreneur sounded great to me. Maybe that’s why, for a while, I had my own photography business? Funny how some books stay with you even if they aren’t classic literature.

I wonder what’s next. Fresh Prince? Punky Brewster? I’m game!