Shop Local. Seriously.



Today I want to thank a local business for treating us like royalty.
This morning on our walk, my dog was spooked by some motorcycles and went after one of them. When I tried to pull her back, her harness came completely off and I almost lost her.
I posted on FB for dog harness recommendations and I immediately heard from the owner of Style Unleashed. I was able to bring my dog down, in the last minute possible, on a Sunday, during a special event, no less, to get a new harness. The owner, Karen, unboxed a sealed product, got on her hands & knees to fit the harness securely on Pearl (while Pearl slobbered all over her face) and then taught us how to use it.
You will never find such great service at big box stores. One of my biggest fears in life is a world devoid of small business who can give such time and attention.
I am incredibly thankful for small, local places like this. If you have a dog, I highly recommend Style Unleashed for grooming or products. Pearl recommends the football shaped cookies!