I am about a quarter way through Cunningham’s new book. I am impressed by his drive to work in fashion despite his family’s insistence that the field is not appropriate for a young man. I am looking forward to reading more.

I liked this passage so much, I wrote it down & typed it up in this Canva graphic. Cunningham has expressed how I feel about photography. For years I’ve been shooting weddings and portraits to make money of course, but my heart isn’t in it.  My heart IS in photography as an art. But that doesn’t really bring in any money unless, say, you are Cindy Sherman or Annie Leibovitz. So, at this crossroad in my life, do I continue to invest more money and time in fancy professional equipment to make money shooting weddings or do I shoot ugly, old decrepit things that inspired me?


Maybe if I win the lottery I can go back to the darkroom!! HA!