Top Five Tuesday

Top Five Tuesday

Emojis That Represent My Life

Well, obviously I love photography. Before the invention of the iPhone, I was never seen without a camera around my neck. Can’t say the same now, since I carry the phone instead. But still, I am taking photos and documenting life, maybe even more so then when I shot film!


This is literally me – a bald person laughing so hard, she is crying. Seriously. Ask my husband. He will tell you about my earth-shattering laughs as we watch Golden Girls or Will & Grace on Hulu.

Aw, doggy. Love my doggy. Love this little doggy too. So cute.

I have never been cool. Seriously. My mom will say otherwise, but she is so totally biased. I sport a similar pair of glasses, only in bright pink. Luckily, my teeth are a bit better than this! Took me a long time to be proud of my nerdiness. It’s always been there, but I am less shy about it now.

I always have a pile of library books at home. If there isn’t a pile, then you know something is very wrong. This pile is far too short to represent me, but still, it will do for an Instagram post!