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This weekend, a nearby town had their special walkabout day for small business. There is a great music store called In Your Ear. They had a great sale on records this weekend and boy did I score some good ones. I did quite a bit of digging underneath the best seller cubes, and found these closer to the floor. Guess no one but me is looking for these!

Sunday Afternoon

My husband and I visited a local shop we frequent called The Time Capsule. They have an insane amount of records and comic books. We especially love the one dollar bin. We always manage to get great records (like the ones below). Not sure why others passed these up! I normally buy vintage Archie comics but today I was in the mood for Jem! She’s truly outrageous – truly truly truly outrageous. Get it…?

Top Five Tuesday – My Record Player

Reasons I Love My Record Player

  1. Oh that crackling sound 

    After a while, perfect, digital music means nothing to me! Love that old crackle sound of the record player. It makes music real to me. I also know I own that music. The record is tangible and doesn’t stop playing when my phone battery dies. 

  2. Lifting the needle and placing it on the recordOh my goodness. Love dropping the needle in just the right spot. Trying to figure out the line of the next track is fun!
  3. The hypnotic spinning of the recordI don’t know why, but I get lost in a spinning record! Sometimes I try and read the song titles while it spins. Crazy girl!
  4. Picking the next record

    Oh so many records to choose from. I look at all those records my husband and I hunted down at estate sales or Salvation Army!  I hate advancing a button on my phone to find a song. I don’t get to see the album tracks or any special information like special notes from the artist!

  5. Having to get up off the couch to flip the record

    You’d think it might be annoying, but it is much better than that ongoing digital music. The process makes me slow down and appreciate the music more.