Here’s a Throwback

Funny, this pandemic ours is making it hard for me to read! I am having a hard time concentrating on a book. I was able to finish Little Women, but haven’t been able to get into anything new. I mentioned it on my Facebook and a few friends agreed. I also posted this article from Vogue magazine, which proves it’s not just us!

I went through my book shelves and found this beauty from the 1990s. I used to love the R.L. Stone Fear Street series. They were easy to read and entertaining. I may just read this next! Maybe it will get me going!

At what point in your adult life it is ok to yearn for your youth? I feel like mid-to-late 30s might be too soon. I wonder if my generation yearns at a faster rate than generations before, as we’ve been catapulted into the soulless world of smartphones and social media. They are a mega distraction. I will admit, I am the one who should have control over my social media. I have turned off my notifications for all the channels, but still find myself jumping on to post and do a quick scroll. I think I enjoy it because I love looking at photographs. I love posting them too. I loved looking at photographs in magazines and books in the 1990s. I see similarities between now and then.

Perhaps my longing for the 1990s has something to do with the slowness of it all. It seemed distraction-free to me. I certainly don’t recall loving my teen years. They were awkward and challenging on many levels. Sure I had a great time with my friends. But that isn’t what I miss the most. I miss being alone in the 1990s. I miss listening to Casey Kasem on the radio and trying to record the top ten hits on a cassette tape, so I wouldn’t have to buy all the albums. Seems I was already frugal then. I miss playing the piano, no, pounding on the piano. If I ever win the lottery, the first purchase for our new home will be a grand piano. I miss drawing Betty & Veronica cartoons and using my Skip-it to develop major calf muscles.

I wonder if I am alone in my thoughts. I have been thinking about the 90s a lot more since many of the fashion, movie, and television trends have returned. Perhaps that is what it is on my mind! Is it on yours?! If it is, you are so rad.


Throwback Thursday

I think it has been about a year since this local mall closed, so I thought I would repost this blog post!

I recently heard the news that the local mall was finally closing. I think most of us suspected it was inevitable but we chose to deny it because it was always nice to have a mall so close to home, especially one that didn’t require a driving on the highway!

The mall will soon close, so I thought I might head up there to take one last walk around. There were only a few big stores open, and a couple of recently added arcade and play areas for kids. I tried to remember what stores were there when I was a kid and what they were replaced with over the years. It was certainly a challenge to remember.

We are always sad to see stores close for various reasons. I am especially sad about Swansea Mall. This mall was more than just a mall to me. During my younger years it was a treat to go to the mall. Very rarely did we spend money, so it was always exciting to hear we would be going to the mall. Later on in life the mall was much more important to me. It was a sign of independence.  My parents or friend’s parents would drop us off and we were allowed an hour or two to roam the malls, browse and choose exactly how we would spend our babysitting or birthday money. I always loved the music store. I was too cheap to buy an album so I’d spend a few dollars on a single instead. I always longed to have my ears pierced so I could buy pretty earrings at Claire’s.

Today, after I spent most of my walk around the mall taking photos with my phone, I ran into a sign that said photography was not allowed, which broke my heart because I had my mind set on writing this blog post with accompanying photographs and reminiscing about the old days. The sign indicated I should see mall management. Sadly no one was in but I had a brief discussion with a very kind security guard who gave me a few reasons why. He mentioned the retail stores don’t want their stores seen in such dismay, that customers don’t wish to be photographed and of course the ever so important in case of terrorists. I think that last one might be a stretch. So for now, the photos will be filed away on my backup drive and maybe someday I will revisit them. The photos below are three of the many I took, but I have rendered them totally blurry and unrecognizable for privacy. Funny, as I was doing this I realized this is already how my memories of the mall are – fuzzy.

Wow this post is already two years old. Time flies!

February 2018

Boy do I sure feel old. I’ve seen the slow decline of the shopping mall, the rise of digital everything and the decline of analog. I wonder if this is how my parents felt when malls replaced mom & pop shops and cassettes were made obsolete by CDs!

We stopped by the North Dartmouth Mall today and FYE is going out of business. They are one of, if not THE last big box music & movie store. Back in my day the big music store was STRAWBERRIES! Bought my very first cassette single there.  I DIGRESS!!  I do understand why this has happened  – the rise of streaming/downloadable music. Is this bad? Most would say no. I beg to differ. May I pose a question? What happens when we can’t access free digital/streaming music anymore? What happens when that music you purchased is taken away? (Did you read the fine print – does it REALLY BELONG to you?) Digital is NOT TANGIBLE. It is not tangible like the records on my shelf or the CDs in my car. I purchased these items, I own them and I don’t need anyone’s permission to play them. I am free to listen to it whenever I’d like. WOW – what  a concept – FREE to do something without some big business dictating how and when I can.

I wonder about the future of things – music, books, handwriting, photo etc. I hope the generation after mine hangs on to CDs or vinyl. I hope they practice cursive and read print books. They will certainly miss out on the joys of these things.


Top Five Tuesday – 90s Hunks!

90s Hunks

  1. JTT First of all, you have to be super awesome to be known just by your initials. Loved him as the smart ass on Home Improvement and really loved him as the voice of Simba in the Lion King!

  2. Devon Sawa – Remember him from Now & Then and Casper?! So cute!

  3. 90210 Cast – HELLO. Your choice of stereotpyical cute guys – bad boy, rich boy, boy next door etc. Take your pick!! I cannot choose one!

  4. Leonardo DiCaprio – He always stood out to me. Leo was always a bit more intense of an actor, even in smaller roles. He’d be the more intelligent of my pretend boyfriends…

  5. Backstreet Boys, NSYNC & 98 Degrees – Boys who sing and dance. Seriously. Enough said.