I can’t find the word – is it a resurgence, a comeback or a revival? Whatever it is, I am along for the ride. The 90s are back -hardcore. It seems we’ve hit a point in culture where nothing is new – movies and TV shows are all remakes or remodeled from past- Full House,  Beverly Hills 90210, Roseanne etc. and I am seeing lots of 90s inspired clothes at Target. I even saw a Caboodle! Someone is really trying to bank on past. The media is really pushing it on us. I will not resist though, simply because it brings me joy and it doesn’t cost me anything since I can check out old books, movies, and tv shows from the library. And there is the criteria for me before choosing to invest my time in something.

When I read fiction as a child, I always enjoyed a strong lead character (still do). I can’t remember how I was introduced to the Babysitter’s Club but I remember reading quite a few of the novels, then watching the movie. I wanted to be one of these girls so bad! They were smart, independent, loyal friends and entrepreneurs. In my life, all I knew were secretaries, teachers, bankers or nurses, so the idea of being an entrepreneur sounded great to me. Maybe that’s why, for a while, I had my own photography business? Funny how some books stay with you even if they aren’t classic literature.

I wonder what’s next. Fresh Prince? Punky Brewster? I’m game!

Kids These Days, Just Don’t Know…

Every generation says “kids these days…..” right?  Personally, I might be a bit young to start saying it, but then again I have been catapulted into the digital age where the pace is much faster than generations before. I feel like perhaps we are the most nostalgic generation. I could be wrong. But Pinterest really helps bring forth my argument with its gazillion boards full of 90s products, stores and fashion. This all got me thinking about the best things about the 90s.

Kids these days don’t know how good they have it. They can send private texts to friends from their smartphones, without their parents knowing what they are saying. Back in MY day, we had to talk on a landline, in the living room, in front of everyone, because the phone was attached to the wall. To make matters worse, that coiled cord did not reach very far. When you’re young, you are a contortionist and might be able to twist your body into the hallway and get away from the parents. Can’t say I was but those important, private conversations  certainly helped my budding figure.
If we wanted to say anything not parent-friendly, we would have to use some kind of code, which was made up earlier, on a note passed during school. Hope you had the updated code. Clearly this is why we are smarter than today’s kids. We spoke our own language.

Want to fall in love today? You send your crush an emoji or a GIF. Little characters do all the talking for you. Back in my day, you made a carefully pieced-together mix tape of songs with lyrics that would tell your crush exactly how you feel. It took time, consideration and if you were cheap like me, you had to wait until that song came on the radio! Hell, how many crushes could a girl lose waiting for a song coming on the radio?!

Back in my day, the Internet just started. We connected to the Internet through the one phone line in the home. That meant, if someone was talking on the phone, you could not access the Internet, which means you were missing out on a super important AIM chat with your crush. Holy moly. And you really don’t want to yell at your Dad to get off the phone so you can use the Internet since he paid for it all, right?!

The gratification of sharpening pencils, folding notes you passed in school or even biking to your destination instead of calling Uber.

Similar to the above. I’ve blogged about this before, but I miss that moment where your favorite new song comes on the radio and you were there to hear it! Oh the torture when you had to get out of the car to go to school and the song was not even halfway done yet! Today I can access any song I want in mere seconds. Kind of takes the joy out of it!

There you have it. I could go on but I have the sudden urge to  watch Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.