Thrifty & Nifty

Leftover vintage bobbins that don’t fit in my sewing machine made for super cool repurpose!

Love making bookmarks out of my scrap paper!

Used and my new laminator to make this Happy Planner cover.
Why buy a new one every year when you can make one yourself?!

Making cards using my scrapbook paper & Happy Planner stickers.


I finally got around to using the card making kit my mom gave me for Christmas. Cute!

I have committed to using neutral color/patterned wrapping paper from now on to save money. At Christmas I try my best not to buy holiday paper. So this year I had to get a little creative. I noticed that Michael’s has this scrapbook paper in holiday designs as well. So I grabbed a pad and used it not only for my wrapping design but also my holiday cards! Took a bit more creativity but it sure was fun! I actually wrapped some of the smaller gifts in the scrapbook paper because it was so pretty!

Used up some of my leftover twine and a 3D printed Pokemon character to make it fun for my young cousin:

Here are some of them in a sweet box in front of the tree:

These are the most favorite of the cards I have put together. I actually saved one for myself!

I purchased a gift and it came with this beautiful ribbon. I kept it around because I figured it would come in handy some day. I was in the mood to decorate a little extra for the holidays and instead of buying something new, I wrapped something I already have in the ribbon!