I really enjoy estate sales, yard sales and Craigslist sales. Pretty much love any sales. Here I will share some items I have spotted at sales (or purchased!)

Regretfully, I did not take a photo of this at the sale.


Could not leave this behind. Regretfully did not take a photo of this at the sale.
Wow. Real history here.
A time when things were made well.


Oh the thought of monogrammed luggage….
Ah, the good old days!
Thought this was beautiful.


Crazy that I don’t even remember how to use a light meter!


Oh the good old days when music was not so portable and the family gathered around a gigantic piece of furniture that housed the family’s collection….
Thought this was a toy piano but my husband spotted the receiver. WHOAH! Left it behind, but it was super cool.


What would this be? A telephone seat? Love it! Wish I had room for it! Remember the days when we had to use a phone plugged into a wall?!


Trunks are MAGICAL. Wish I had these!


Sooo many books!


Love digging though records! I scored some this day!


I tend to stay away from the kitchen at estate sales because it is usually packed. I saw this tool mounted to the counter and tried to figure out what it is! Do you know?! Must be something to make jam or filling?!