I think this will be my last article for the local paper for a while. I feel like it is time to write something personal. Maybe inching closer toward a book. Who knows?
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May 2016
Libraries Are Note Obsolete.

It’s safe to say I’m a pretty passionate person. I’m not rowdy by any means but I do have some strong opinions that I generally keep to myself. I think in the day and age of social media rants, it is a bit more tasteful to save your opinions for something you find important.

I was recently told that someone called our local library OBSOLETE.
I know the person. I work full time at the library and have never seen this person use our library, EVER. It’s a bit like saying a product taste terrible when you’ve actually never TRIED It before. Now THAT gets my goat.

I was having a discussion with my supervisor and we were a little bit troubled by the fact that libraries always have to prove themselves. There are countless articles online about the importance of libraries. Don’t people already know how great they are?! This prompted me to write a letter to editor of the local paper, the Bristol Phoenix. I do hope they publish it. If not, feel free to click below to read it and SHARE if you’d like!

Letter to the Editor

Update: It was published!