I really enjoy taking pictures of people. I like to have a nice comfortable sitting. I don’t really care to pose people as it seems to make them uncomfortable.  I want the real you to come through in your portrait! You’ll see familiar faces as you scroll along because I tend to photograph some people year after year, especially children.

I am available for photo shoots starting at $50. Fees vary upon location.

At the Park with the Girls

Lovable Mr. Mav is 1!


Family Portrait

Mid-November 2017

This was a challenge – two very active, independent girls who wouldn’t sit still for a photograph! (I can say this because we are related!!) Let it be, wait & see!
Not too shabby!

Beach Baby!

There are few things that terrify me, but photographing babies might be in my top ten. They wiggle, wobble and sometimes they fall down. Not this little fella though. What a good baby! And his sister was a sweetheart too. Lucky me!

Senior Year!

Four is FUN!

Christmas 2016!

Sweet Baby James  June 2016

Over the Years….