Lorraine Fabrics

Mom brought me to Lorraine Fabrics in Pawtucket, RI today. I cannot believe how much fabric they have. I can already see that sewing has the potential to be a hoarding hobby. The possibilities are endless. I was dying to photograph everything.  The fabric below made me chuckle. As a technology person at my library, I took great delight in the idea that someday I could make a shirt out of this fabric as my uniform.

Never Get Sick of This.

Great Book!

Libraries & Nostalgia

We were watching the Love Boat on DVD (yes THAT Love Boat from the 70s) and this prompted us to look up some movies Lauren Tewes starred in. We came across the film below and found it has so many popular 90s actors in it including Candace Cameron, Chad Allen, Jennifer Aniston and Jaleel White. 

Not one library in our state had it nor was it available for digital download. I asked the powers to be (oh holy Reference ILL librarian) and he got it for me (thanks Ray) in a week. SO much fun! 

The 90s Are Back

Saw this at the fabric store today. Reminds me of Saved by the Bell!

Beauty All Around